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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - I know The Beef's answer to this, but...Draft Day plans?  Anybody (else) throw together a shindig for this, or do you do what I do and just watch the first few picks and then check in for updates the rest of the day?

2 - This is as big a draft day for Mizzou as there has been for a long time.  Nevermind where they are projected to be picked--which Mizzou NFL prospect are you most excited about in terms of long-term success in the NFL?

3 - We are nearing the end of one of the better sports months of the year--Final Four, MLB's kickoff, NBA playoffs start, NHL playoffs start, the Masters, college football spring games, NFL draft, etc.--of those (or whatever ones I'm missing...uhh, Women's Final Four, I guess), which is your favorite?

4 - Mizzou Softball is on the verge of potentially winning the Big 12 and making a lot of national noise (huge double-header today against Iowa State, by the way).  What's the level of success it takes for you to become interested in a sport you don't normally follow simply because your team is really good at it?

5 - According to yesterday's survey, roughly 94-96% of Rock M Nation readers are male.  Name something in this world less shocking than that.

The Boy: Also, as a programming note, I'm out at 11:30 today, so I'll be hitting 'Post' on the roundtable around 11:00 or so (though still scheduling it to go up later in the day).  So do your damage early.

The Beef: Well that is not likely to fit into ghtd36’s schedule since he does not usually join us until about 10:00 a.m. or so

The Boy: That's before 11am!  He'll just need to make his one e-mail count...

The Beef: That is a lot of pressure….I am not entirely sure he is up to it after Kendial got it handed to him yesterday by my Whalers.

The Boy: Now I have a choice to make: do I include this aside in the actual roundtable post?  I'm thinking yes now...

The Beef: Oh this had better be going in there…

The Boy: It's not every day that you can talk smack about how a defunct hockey team from Connecticut and its theme song whipped up on a high school senior running back from Texas...

The Beef: But it is a damn fine day when you can

The Boy: And it's always nice when the roundtable can get derailed before anybody actually answers the questions...

Michael Atchison: 1 - With the late start this year, I’m not going to see much of day one.  I’m going to see the Royals play Detroit, and first pitch is at 6:10, but I want to get there early to take in the newly renovated K, so not much draft watching for me.  Perhaps I’ll watch day two on the treadmill.

2 - Jason Whitlock wrote about it this morning, and I agree.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Chase Coffman could play a long time and catch a lot of passes.  I’m also curious to see what becomes of Chase Patton; it would be cool if a guy who never started a game in college could make a roster in the pros (it would be even better if he evolved into Matt Cassell, mach 2).

3 - Final Four in a walk.  I’m interested in all of those other things to one extent or another, but I’ll take the end of the best sporting event on the planet over the beginning of the playoffs (or season) in another sport.

4 - Something like that always gets my attention.  The problem is that the games are so hard to follow, with them very rarely being on TV.  Were I in Columbia on a daily basis, I’d definitely want to check them out.

5 - One thing less shocking: The new Felice Brothers albums is awesome.  Run, chicken, run!

And happy birthday to the Beef.

The Beef: 1 - Oh…the Third Annual NFL/Beer Draft.  32 picks…32 different beers to taste.  And this year, we are aiming to replicate Okie Joes’s BBQ (Z-man and fries) for the meal.  Should be amazing and I am hoping to complete the draft for the 2nd year in a row.  We….um….don’t really like to talk about the 1st year we tried it.  Needless to say…the pouring was a LITTLE heavy that year and my buddy the Cleveland Browns fan STILL does not know when they picked Brady Quinn.

2 - I started to say that I thought the defensive guys (Hood, Moore and Sulak) have a better shot because Maclin and Coffman have both been injured pretty decently, but Moore and Hood have as well.  As long as Coffman is 100 percent, I think he can stay in the league for some time.  I think Hood has a shot to do the same with his skill set and I am hoping Moore is 100 percent, because if he is back to his 2007 version, he will do quite well.  And I will agree with Atch…Chase Patton is ALL SORTS of intriguing to me.

3 - The women’s Final Four gets a little more of my attention in a season like this when UCONN is looking for a (another) perfect season.  I pretty much cashed out on the NCAA’s for the men when Mizzou lost, and then totally when UCONN did the same.  I always enjoy the Masters.  I did not pay as much attention to the start of the baseball season as I have in years’ past.  I do not watch the NBA until at least late May…but hockey will ALWAYS get me when it is playoff time.

4 - Well…you guys know me.  Chances are, I am probably the one telling you the team is pretty decent and you should be paying some attention  :-)

5 - Water is wet?

Doug: 1 - Actually, I'll be out at the Chiefs' Practice Facility on Saturday helping out with KCTV5's presence at their draft day party. We'll be running a Madden Tournament from about 1 until 3, when the draft starts, so hopefully, we get some interested people involved. Sunday, I'll probably sack out on the couch and watch some of it, and if the Chiefs have the last overall pick, tune in for that.

2 - Uh... pass.

3 - In order... the Final Four, the Masters, NFL Draft, MLB, NBA... and somewhere near the horizon... the NHL. I like to watch the warmer weather at the Masters, but I can't get too interested in baseball until it becomes consistently warm in Kansas City.

4 - Season-to-season, if a team makes a run at or into the post-season like the KU women in the NIT, or the KU baseball team a handful of season's ago in the College World Series, I'll start to pay attention. If you want me to care... well, start putting together several seasons of success.

5 - The ending of The Sixth Sense.

ZouDave: 1 - I am going to be babysitting my 3 1/2 year-old niece and nephew starting on Friday at about noon and through until late Sunday morning.  Saturday I believe our plans are to take them to Worlds of Fun, so that's where I'll be for the majority of day one of the draft.  I will attempt to follow it on my phone, but I will probably fail in that endeavor.  Beef, we may need to add a task to your day that involves you texting me each selection.  We'll see if by the end of the first round there's any "slurring" in your typing.
2 - Chase Coffman.  I think he's going to prove to everyone that he was easily the best TE in college football last year and if it wasn't for injuries that would have completely sidelined most players he would have done even more.  He's big, he's mean, he works hard, he's a great character guy, and he catches every single pass thrown to him.  Coffman can't miss, and I think he'll be the absolute best Missouri player from this draft and maybe for quite a few drafts to come.  Maclin should also be good, but you never know when he's going to get lost in a depth chart somewhere.  There's no way Coffman gets lost in a depth chart, unless a team trades for Gonzalez and Gates after they draft Coffman.  And even then, I still like his chances.
3 - NFL Draft is by far my favorite of that group, since I consider the "Final Four" to be just an extension of March (after all, it's not called "March and some April Madness).  I couldn't care less about NHL and NBA anything, I don't watch golf. and I only care about Mizzou's spring game.  Basically, once the NCAA Tournament is over I've got the NFL Draft and then nothing until NFL training camps open.  I do, however, keep myself busy with UEFA Champions League semis and finals, and then this year the USMNT has a great summer lineup with the Gold Cup (where we'll likely face Mexico again at some point), and the Confederations Cup where we'll face Italy, Brazil and Egypt.  Then by the end of the summer we'll be in full World Cup Qualifying mode as we've got Honduras on June 6, Mexico on August 12 and El Salvador on September 5.  It gets even more frequent after that, but we're really only talking about pre-fall here.
4 - For this particular sport?  It's going to take the chicks being Golden Girl-level hot (these

and not these

).  I'm sorry, I just am not going to pay attention.  It's not that I won't be happy for them, I just don't have the energy to follow those sports regardless of their success.  Even volleyball, where the uniforms lend themselves to helping the fan attention

I just can't really get into it (that's absolutely what she said).
5 - Beefcake likes drinking beer.

rptgwb: 1. No big plans, although I kind of made a tradition out of it in high school. For four straight years, I was in Lubbock for regional competitions during the draft, leaving me to scramble to computers, phones, and bars with TVs to get my draft fix. I'm happy to report that this tradition hasn't continued since leaving high school. I'll watch most of the first day. I don't know what it is, but I LOVE the draft. I love the draft more than I love NFL football itself. It was just something that captivated me as a kid and I just never grew out of it.


2. Maclin's the easy answer here, and Beef made great points about Coffman and Patton. I'm perhaps most intrigued by Ziggy and Willy Mo. How weird would it be to see the defensive guys from this era have the greatest success? Plus, it's just been fun watching everyone in the nation come around on Ziggy. 


3. College Spring Games! Kidding, of course. Give me the start of the NHL playoffs. You can't guarantee a great Masters or a great Final Four, but the first round of the NHL playoffs will guarantee you at least some damn good hockey.


4. If any Mizzou team is competing for a Big 12 title, I'm going to be interested.


5. Four to six percent of our readers are more awesome than we thought.

ghtd36: Surprise! I join you at 9:32 a.m. (when I'm typing these words). So kiss it.

1 - I'm very much looking forward to sitting on my couch all day, yelling expletives at teams I don't care about, picking nits at the skills of players I don't care about, and (much more importantly) getting far more intimate with Mel Kiper's hair than I ever wanted to.

And no, I don't like Mel Kiper. I honestly think he pulls 80% of his thoughts directly from his rear. He's a one-trick pony, and his one trick is not that impressive. And his hair got nothin' on my boy Barry Melrose.

2 - I decided about three months ago that I would buy a Chase Coffman jersey of whatever team to which he is drafted. I think he's got the best shot at sustained success in the NFL, especially if he can go somewhere where his skills (pass catching as opposed to blocking) can be utilized. I maintain that he has the best hands I've ever seen, and he might honestly be the best football player Mizzou has ever had. That's got to count for something in the NFL.

3 - While I love the Final Four and the NHL playoffs, nothing gets me grinning more than MLB Opening Day/Week/Month. It's my favorite sport, home of my favorite professional team, and it means much more than just the game. It signifies the return of spring/summer, the return of blazingly hot weather to Texas (which I love), and the return of ballpark food.

4 - Count me as already interested. My rule of thumb is that if you crack the top 25, I'm interested.

5 - The Beef is bragging about a No. 2 seed beating a No. 7 seed IN A TOURNAMENT THAT HE HELPED CREATE.

rptgwb: Praise be to Barry.

(an hour later...)

ZouDave: I don't think this group deals well with deadlines and/or ultimatums.  The pressure to get all of our funny out by 11:00am is too much to deal with.  Some of us are still coming down from our morning caffeine!