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It's The Fastest 40 Minutes in Podcasting!

The gang is back together for this, uhh, episode (?) of the Fastest 40 Minutes...that's right, along with rptgwb and myself, you get to once again listen to The Beef's dulcet tones hitting your ears in just the right way.

Join us as we talk about the Black & Gold Game, 2009 football expectations, Jarrid Famous and Mizzou Basketball Recruiting, The Beef's World Famous All Sports Report, rptgwb's Meme Madness update, Chuck (seriously, do your part to save this show), ZouDave's sister, The Beef and Friends' famous Beer Draft, and a whole mess of other topics too important to mention here--you must listen to find out.  You even get to hear rptgwb get disconnected from skype!  Stupid Mediacom...

Direct mp3 download link

Oh yeah, and today's exit music: a nice dose of Van Halen.