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Meme Madness: Capital Regional Semifinals

In the vortex of large-scale athletic emptiness until football season begins again, we're passing the days here at Rock M Nation with Meme Madness, a 32-entry, bracket style blowout to determine the best theme/inside joke RMN has to offer. The full bracket can be found here.

Today, we feature the first semifinal in the Capital Regional.

No. 1 Mr. Coffee vs No. 5 Unholy Alliance


Big Meme Conf. (Misc.)

Meme Coast Conf. (User-specific)

Remember 12 months ago when Mizzou basketball was in shambles, Mike Anderson wasn't sure if he'd have a job in mid-2009, and Zaire Taylor was an overlooked transfer from Delaware? You don't need a refresher on where we stand now.

Zaire Taylor's Alec Baldwin-esque propensity for closing in big situations resulted in the highly exalted Mr. Coffee nickname.

Everything you need to know about this meme was described in The Boy's "This Week in Zaire Taylor" post.

As far as the meme is concerned, the question is whether or not Taylor's ability to close extends to his nickname. Will Mr. Coffee "always be closing" in Meme Madness?

FIRST ROUND: def. No. 8 The Boy's Boxing Analogies

All blogs are supposed to be confrontational, angry, virulent and vulgar toward each other, right?

No one told that to us and Bring On The Cats. The amount of endearment between is potentially awkward to say the least, and borderline obscene to call it a spade. The operating agreement between BOTC and RMN has led to what has become commonly referred to as "The Unholy Alliance."

For those better suited to a visual aid, BOTC's Panjandrum perhaps best illustrated the connection once in a Live Thread:

Yeah... it's like that. And we're ashamed to admit it. But the enemy's enemy is a friend, right?

FIRST ROUND: Def. No. 4 Golden Watermelon Balls of Fury