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Mizzou Links, 4-24-09

rptgwb's head just went asplode (Matthew Cavanah/Missourian)

As the NFL draft approaches, The Missourian puts out an excellent story (and corresponding photo gallery) on the RiverCity Rage and the attempts by many former Missouri Tigers to make it in the pros.  Must read.

Meanwhile, the Trib checks in on William Moore and his draft hopes.

And speaking of drafts, Leo Lyons and DeMarre Carroll are also busy making their cases to get their name called in a couple months...

Enough about former Tigers--what about hopeful future Tiger Keith Dewitt?  PowerMizzou checks in.

Another huge series for Mizzou this weekend at Taylor Stadium.  With 18 games remaining (including 3 Big 12 Tournament games), we're making an adjustment to the Rachel Phelps Watch. It was standing at 13 articles of clothing remaining, but with Missouri at 21-21 with a Top 40 RPI, I think they may need to only go about 12-6 the rest of the way.  I'm not completely sure about this, and disagreements/appeals will be heard, but with no objections, I think I'm switching The Watch to 12.  Links!

Finally...don't forget...