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Mizzou Links, 4-29-09

While we await the judges' decision in the Case of Laffy Saffy's Stuffed Ballot Boxes, here are some links...

In their mid-week tour of the state, Mizzou took out a decent Eastern Illinois team, 7-4, in O'Fallon last night.  Steve Gray went 4-for-4, while Aaron Senne's 2-run homer gave Mizzou an early cushion.  In other words, two of the guys who had struggled earlier in the season are catching fire at a pretty good time.  Gray's batting average is up to .250 after a horrid start, and Senne is actually up to .315 with a .435 OBP and 30 RBIs.  Not bad.  Meanwhile, Johnny Wholestaff did his thing, as eight of Mizzou's nine starters gave up 0 earned runs.  Ryan Allen got lit up in the eighth, and Mizzou committed another four (!) errors, but...victory!  The Missourian has more.

Rachel Phelps Watch: eight wins needed in the remaining 14.

Also, check out a pretty nice handful of pics from Saturday's win over Texas Tech (via)...

UPDATE, 10:30am - Boyd's World runs an estimated RPI, and Mizzou moved to #31 with yesterday's win.  Also, I forgot that Mizzou will be dropping one game due to the fact that a) they overscheduled, expecting cancellations, and b) there were no cancellations, so instead of 8-6, Mizzou needs to probably go either 7-6 or 8-5.  Since Mizzou got in with a 4-seed at 31-25 in 2006, and 7-6 would put Mizzou at 32-27, I'll be ambitious and put the mark at 8-5.  So no change in the overall articles of Rachel Phelps' clothing.

To football, where Dave Matter turns his focus from the draft back to the current team, starting his position-by-position review of spring practices with QBs and WRs.

To football recruiting, where PowerMizzou checks in on a couple of running back prospects--four-star Wichita RB Joseph Randle (who has an offer and VERY nice things to say about Mizzou's recent draft success) and emerging all-around athlete Brandon Bourbon from Potosi (who doesn't yet)--with interest in Mizzou.

Finally, I shouldn't even bring attention to this, but...

So it would have been quite a coup for Anderson to land [Jarrid] Famous. It would have also been reassuring for those like me that still have lingering doubts about Anderson’s ability to make inroads on a higher level of the recruiting game.

As it turned out, Famous took a visit to Arizona after Xavier’s Sean Miller took the coaching job in Tucson. Immediately upon returning home, Famous met with South Florida coach Stan Heath. If you read between the lines of the reports, Heath was basically waiting on Famous’ doorstep. In short order, Famous signed a letter of intent.

Where was Anderson during all of this? Who knows?

a) Welcome to last week.

b) I left out the part where he said Famous "would have been best big-man recruit in Columbia since Doug Smith"...would have, not could have...

b) Where was Anderson?  Um, at Famous' home, with Melvin Watkins, the week before.  But, you know, learning that would have taken 30 seconds of research.

Ahh, that was fun.  Bring on Wednesday!