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Mizzou Links, 4-3-09

A handful of football links to basketball links of note...guess that means the gears are slowly shifting from basketball to spring football finally...about a full month later than last year...

Thursday football practice reports!

  • PowerMizzou: Thursday practice report
    The second-team secondary appeared to include Munir Prince and Trey Hobson at corner and Zaviar Gooden and Jarrell Harrison at safety. Robert Steeples and Del Howard appear to be running third team right now.
  • Dave Matter: Tigers wrap up another day indoors
    Redshirt freshman Brad Madison, a converted offensive tackle, is getting some reps with the second unit and buzzed around right tackle Dan Hoch on one series. The younger brother of former offensive guard Ryan Madison seems to have found a home on defense and looks to be climbing the depth in a hurry.

Jimmy Costello: acquitting himself nicely.

To recruiting, where PowerMizzou's Pete Scantlebury, a very nice addition to the PM roster, lays out the top 10 recruits on Mizzou's board for 2010.  I'm very optimistic about #2, #3, #6, #7 and #8.  I'm somewhat optimistic about #1, #4 and #5.  No inklings whatsoever about #9 and #10.  One guy who's not on the board but interested in checking out Mizzou in the fall is 4-star Indianapolis WR Dyjuan Lewis, Rivals' #93 player in the 2010 class.  Once again, Mizzou is getting lots of looks from big-time WRs...hopefully one takes the leap this year.

 Mizzou in the Fiesta Bowl???  I'm all for it!  Wait, what am I reading?

To gymnastics, where Mizzou sees a very familiar foe standing between it and advancement to the NCAA championships.  I'm not sure why OU insists on screwing us in the postseason in every sport, but whatever...

And finally, to baseball, where Kyle Gibson wears his heart under the bill of his cap...