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Meme Madness: The Field of 32 is set!

Who says the madness of March has to end? Who says you have to stop paying attention to brackets? Certainly not Rock M Nation.

As promised, today launches our gigantic offseason time waster thrilling and captivating bracket contest, which pits Rock M Nation's favorite nicknames and inside jokes against one another for meme superiority.

The Field of 32 has been set, with each conference containing eight memes. Tomorrow, on Selection Sunday, we will reveal the official bracket. 

Without further adieu, I give you the field.

Meme 8 Conference (Football Nicknames)

-- Thrust Nunchuk Upward
-- Hot Tub
-- Cheat Code
-- Chance McDanielson
-- Golden Watermelon Balls of Fury
-- MotherRucker
-- Professor Chaos
-- The Helicopter

Meme USA Conference (Basketball Nicknames)

-- Mr. Coffee

-- Grey Goose

-- Kimmeh!

-- Party Starter

-- Junkyard Dog

-- Good/Bad Leo

-- Hustle and Flow

-- Laffy Saffy

Big Meme Conference (Miscellaneous)

-- Asian Kid

-- Bacon

-- Brass Bonanza


-- TruFlair

-- Unholy Alliance

-- Handshakes

-- Victory Whiskey

Meme Coast Conference (User-Specific)

-- ZouDave's sister

-- UribeAuction's Simpsons references

-- ghtd36's Kendial Lawrence man love

-- MCBoomofDoom's pudding

-- The Boy's boxing analogies

-- The Boy's cat's podcasting contributions

-- The Beef's hatred of Ron Prince

-- rptgwb's irrational Pig Brown love

The bracket is complete (to be revealed tomorrow) and the Selection Committee is celebrating with awkward high fives, but what are your thoughts on likely No. 1 seeds? What about your sleepers? Strongest conference?