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Meme Madness Selection Sunday: Seeds revealed, bracket to come

It's Selection Sunday for Meme Madness here at RMN! The seed selections are listed below with a small bit of analysis. Later today, we'll reveal the official bracket, which matches the memes up in four eight-entry regionals.


Number 1 Seeds

No. 1 Asian Kid
No. 1 Thrust Nunchuk Upward
No. 1 Mr. Coffee
No. 1 Bacon


Analysis: Asian Kid is the clear powerhouse in the tournament. While Thrust Nunchuk Upward and Mr. Coffee were very secure as No. 1 seeds, Bacon slides in as the final top seed.


Number 2 Seeds

No. 2 Brass Bonanza
No. 2 Grey Goose
No. 2 ZouDave's sister


Analysis: All four No. 2 seeds have the capacity to win the whole thing. The "ZouDave's sister" meme gets a bump for dominating a weak conference.


Number 3 Seeds

No. 3 Hot Tub
No. 3 TruFlair
No. 3 MCBoomofDoom's pudding
No. 3 Kimmeh!


Analysis: Despite not being Mizzou-related, the Hot Tub meme carries serious weight around RMN. Kimmeh! gets a No. 3 seed thanks to a late charge.


Number 4 Seeds

No. 4 Cheat Code
No. 4 Party Starter
No. 4 Chance McDanielson
No. 4 Golden Watermelon Balls of Fury


Analysis: The four-seeds are very heavy with football nicknames. Chase Daniel nicknames alone secure half of the available No. 4 seeds.



Number 5 Seeds

No. 5 Junkyard Dog
No. 5 Good Leo/Bad Leo
No. 5 Unholy Alliance
No. 5 UribeAuction's Simpson's references


Analysis: Since two memes from the same conference can't face each other in the first round, MotherRucker gets screwed out of a deserved No. 5 spot to make it easier to avoid matching up with one of the three No. 4 seeds from its same conference. UribeAuction's Simpsons' references are the beneficiary.


Number 6 Seeds

No. 6 MotherRucker
No. 6 Handshakes
No. 6 Hustle and Flow
No. 6 rptgwb's love of Pig Brown


Analysis: One meme from each conference at the No. 6 spots.


Number 7 Seeds

No. 7 Professor Chaos
No. 7 Victory Whiskey
No. 7 The Boy's cat's podcasting contributions
No. 7 ghtd36's Kendial Lawrence manlove


Analysis: Watch out for Victory Whiskey in a 2 vs. 7 upset. The Boy's cat overcomes weak strength of schedule with a strong end of the season.


Number 8 Seeds

No. 8 The Helicopter
No. 8 Laffy Saffy
No. 8 The Boy's boxing analogies
No. 8 The Beef's hatred of Ron Prince


Analysis: No way in hell there's a 1 vs. 8 upset.