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Meme Madness Selection Sunday: The bracket is revealed!

Get out your pencils and highlighters. The bracket is official.

The 32 entrants were divided into four regions. The SpoetzlCapitalSchlafly and Boulevard regionals pay homage to some of Rock M Nation's favorite breweries. The names are a tip of the hat to another RMN meme that didn't make the cut, as it is common for RMN members to discuss which beverage they will be enjoying during the duration of a Live Thread. 

Here's how the regionals shake out:

(1) Asian Kid vs. (8) The Helicopter
(4) Cheat Code vs. (5) Good/Bad Leo
(3) Hot Tub vs. (6) Hustle and Flow
(2) ZouDave's sister vs. (7) Victory Whiskey

(1) Mr. Coffee vs. (8) The Boy's boxing analogies
(4) Golden Watermelon Balls of Fury vs. (5) Unholy Alliance
(3) MCBoomofDoom's pudding vs. (6) MotherRucker
(2) DISRESPECT vs. (7) The Boy's cat's podcasting contributions

(1) Thrust Nunchuk Upward vs. (8) The Beef's hatred of Ron Prince
(4) Chance McDanielson vs. (5) Junkyard Dog
(3) TruFlair vs. (6) rptgwb's love of Pig Brown
(2) Grey Goose vs. (7) Professor Chaos

(1) Bacon vs. (8) Laffy Saffy
(4) Party Starter vs. (5) UribeAuction's Simpsons' references
(3) Kimmeh! vs. (6) Handshakes
(2) Brass Bonanza vs. (7) ghtd36's Kendial Lawrence manlove

So... who are your early Final Four picks? Who got an easy draw? Which Regional is the toughest?