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Rock M Nation Bracket Contest Update: Only Two Can Win Edition

One game left, two possible winners.  It does not get much closer than this.

First off, thanks to everyone who participated this year.  90 entries is a great number and hopefully we can just keep growing this year next year.

At any rate, it will come down to only two people.  SoDakYates is the current leader with an impressive 1300 points (putting the entry in the 99.7th percentile).  SoDak will be cheering for Michigan State to keep the dream alive for one more game, while DKMizzou is just 10 points behind, and sitting with UNC to win the game.

Some interesting stats from our contest:

  • Michigan State was only picked by 4 entries to win it all (yours truly included).  If they win, I will actually :-)
  • UNC was picked by 17 folks to win it all
  • Pitt was picked the most often at 22 times
  • Louisville (the #1 seed) was next, picked 18 times
  • Mizzou was picked 13 times
  • Memphis was picked 9 times
  • UCONN was picked 5 times

Alright, on to the top-10 leaderboard...

Other scores of note:

  • The Beef has jumped up thanks to Michigan State, now in 30th place with 940 points.
  • The Boy has 910 points (and L'ville) in 38th place
  • The Chalked Bracket has 900 points (and L'ville) in 43rd place
  • RPT has 870 points (and Pitt) in 47th place
  • The newest member of the Rock M Staff (ghtd36) has 700 points (and Pitt) place