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Rock M Nation Bracket Contest Update: We Have a Winner

It is all over....we have a winner.

DKMizzou has won our promise to send him a Rock M Nation T-shirt of his choice.  Someone will be contacting him (I am thinking RPT..if you are reading him :-)

At any rate, the throttling by UNC lead to DK's 40 point win over the field.  The top 10 will be forever immortalized after the jump

Some finishes of note:

  • The Beef finished highest of RMN staff, coming in tied for 34th
  • The Boy finished in a tie for 40th
  • The Chalked Bracket came in 44th
  • RPT was tied for 47th
  • GHTD36 embarassed us all, coming in 79th
  • We will never speak of who came in last.....EVER...especially if any of you who plan to join me for tailgates know what is good for you.

Thanks to all 91 participants.  Be on the lookout for further RMN contests (though honestly, I cannot think of any we would have until the Bowl Contest next year).