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Mizzou Links, 4-8-09

Woohoo!  Spring practice reports!

  • Defense wins the day in spring ball
    The defensive intimidation began earlier in practice during one-on-one route drills. The defensive backs caused a lot of problems for the receivers, forcing difficult passes from the quarterbacks. Cornerback Carl Gettis looked particularly sharp.
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday practice report
    Brian Coulter made a nice play, batting down a pass from Gabbert. I'm really impressed by the play of the top three defensive ends for the Tigers. I had two different people mention to me that Aldon Smith looked almost unblockable at times.
  • Dave Matter: Tigers wrap up practice No. 9
    Tailback Derrick Washington, coming off January knee surgery, shed the red jersey for the first time this spring and participated in all drills.

    “All the players say Derrick has fresh legs,” Pinkel said. “Then they were ripping him, saying he hasn’t done anything in three months, so he should be fresh. It was nice having him out there. Obviously with De’Vion” Moore, “that’s a pretty good 1-2 punch. He’s a guy who will elevate his game to another level, and that’ll certainly help us."

  • KC Star: Washington back on track in MU backfield

    “I got cysts in my calf. My calf swelled way up. I had to have it drained and everything.

    “Then after the season we had a second MRI and it showed I had a torn meniscus.”

    Surgery shaved about 20 percent of the meniscus, smoothing the ligament. The plica, basically unneeded but the source of the swelling, was removed.

    “My mom looked it up,” Washington said. “I didn’t know what it was either.”

Two quick thoughts: 1) Clearly I'm glad to read that Carl Gettis is doing well--as you know I'm president of the Carl Gettis Mancrush Fan Club, plus he's got the best lockdown potential of anybody in the secondary.  2) Congrats to Brandon Gerau for officially becoming a former walk-on yesterday.  We've got ourselves a new Tommy Saunders.

Quickly to football recruiting, where PowerMizzou takes a look at Mizzou's top RB targets for 2010.  And one of them (Joseph Randle) talks about his favorites--it's a good news, bad news thing with Randle.  He doesn't see the same early potential playing time at Mizzou as at KU or KSU (and with Kendial "God" Lawrence coming aboard can you blame him?? /ghtd36), but he's still considering Mizzou overall.

It's official--JT Tiller played the last month and a half of the basketball season with damaged ligaments in his wrist.  Also, The Missourian takes one final look at the great fit that is Mike Anderson + Mizzou.  For that matter, so does the KC Star...and the Post-Dispatch.

To baseball, where if Mizzou had to basically go 20-10 the rest of the way...well, now it's 20-9.  Minnesota took Mizzou in the first of a two-game series last night, knocking off the Tigers 7-3.  Mizzou didn't go with Johnny Wholestaff in this one--Ian Berger was the primary thrower, and he got knocked around a bit (5 IP, 6 ER).  The main story, though, was of course the offense.  Ryan Lollis and Aaron Senne went 5-for-10 with 3 RBIs and a HR (Lollis).  The rest of the team?  6-for-25.  PowerMizzou has more, while The Missourian has a nice feature on Minnesotan Aaron Senne.  The Rachel Phelps puzzle remains fully clothed.

And just in case you missed the mini-rant into which I sent trripleplay with my fanshot yesterday, here it is.  Love that guy...

Finally, to the other diamond sport, where not only is Mizzou now in the Top 10, but also...Megan Christopher: Big 12 Player of the Week.