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It's The Fastest 40 Minutes in Podcasting!

That's right, you get these even in the offseason!  In this podcast, rptgwb and I...

  1. Give a final wet kiss to basketball season
  2. Talk about Mizzou spring football
  3. Talk about the importance of Andrew Gachkar
  4. Run down a unit-by-unit look at the best of the Big 12 North for 2009
  5. Realize that we could talk for four hours about football without even noticing
  6. Give a Beef-less All Sports Report
  7. Run down the exciting action thus far from Meme Madness
  8. Debate whether anybody in the history of the world is worse than me at the "That's what she said" game
  9. Pimp the Harlem Shakes, a pretty frickin' awesome band

Direct mp3 download link

Oh yeah, and to my wife, I say...happy anniversary!  You're MUCH better at the "That's what she said" game than I am.  That's why I married you.