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Mizzou Links, May Day Edition!

We'll just come right out with the bad news: Mizzou catcher Trevor Coleman, who had been all sorts of en fuego the last few weeks, is out for the foreseeable future with a fracture in his throwing hand.  As a catcher, your throwing hand tends to be kinda sorta important.  Supposedly he could be back in time for the NCAA Tournament if, you know, Mizzou can make it there without him.  Coleman is renowned for his pitcher-handling ability, and while I sometimes tend to think that's an overrated skill in the majors, at the college level it probably is not.  Ryan Ampleman: time for your moment in the spotlight.

Meanwhile, it's off to Lincoln for the Coleman-less Tigers.  First game starts tonight at 6pm.

To the next sport on the!  Dave Matter continues his Spring Review series with a look at the running backs and the guys blocking for them.

To basketball, where Mizzou basically has a choice to make this weekend.  Martino Brock has all but thrown himself at the Mizzou program, and now it's up to the coaches to decide whether they want him or not.  I'm assuming they offer, and I'm assuming he commits within about 2.3 seconds.

And in 2010 recruiting, checks in with one of Mizzou's main big-man targets, Memphis' Tarik Black.  Needless to say, Mizzou is competing with the entire country for Mr. Black.

Also basketball-related: Melvin Watkins will not be the next Appalachian State coach, as they once again went with Buzz Peterson (who coached there a week ago).

Finally, these are exactly the types of pieces we need to fill the next three months of links posts: the Maneater comes through with a nice (and random) profile of about-to-graduate (and now-former) Mizzou wrestler Raymond Jordan.

Oh yeah, and...