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Mizzou Links, 5-13-09

No idea why, but just posted a Mizzou Basketball season review, and...well, it's fun reliving great things, so I'm going to link to it!

Meanwhile, a couple of different outlets took a look at what has potentially been the best year ever for Mizzou Athletics.  PowerMizzou runs down the year's top ten(ish) moments, while The Trib's Joe Walljasper, who's been around Columbia a while, does the same in non-list form.

Because there's no news to actually talk about Dave Matter's set up a new, weekly, 'I need to post about something' feature on his blog called "Case of the Mondays," and it's a lovely read...except for one little thing...

Monday Musings from Yours Truly (on a Tuesday)

For use of the words "Monday" and "Musings" combined together, you will be hearing from our lawyers, Dave.  From our lawyers!

(What's that?  We don't have any lawyers?)

This is working out lovely--I have about one link for each sport.  To softball, where The Missouri takes a look at Mizzou and their motivation level.  Hint: it's high.

To baseball, where the Post-Dispatch looks at Mizzou's outstanding turnaround.

And back to basketball, where DeMarre Carroll is working out for anybody that will have him.  Not sure the Blazers are the best fit for him--they need a much more physical presence behind LaMarcus Aldridge, and they've already got a long, lean SF-PF combo in Travis Outlaw.  Regardless, I'd be giddy as a school girl if my favorite NBA team took JYD...

And for no apparent reason, other than I think it's awesome...PLAY HALEY OFF, KEYBOARD CAT!!