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Mizzou Links, 5-15-09

First things first: a weather report.'s hourly forecast, which admittedly has the accuracy of Nuke LaLoosh (or for a Mizzou-related simile, it's got the accuracy of Sherron Collins shooting clutch free throws...ZING!), basically says rain all day.  A 30-40% chance of rain throughout the day turns to 60%-70% come 5pm or 6pm, which...well, it says really bad things about the Mizzou Softball and Baseball games tonight.

That said, they've got to play these games at some point, so...let's get to the links!  Mizzou Softball!

Mizzou Baseball!

Quickly to basketball recruiting, where PowerMizzou caught up with one Mister Ricky Kreklow...who, man oh man, looks EXACTLY like his dad.

And finally, to football recruiting, where you know how I said Keeston Terry was one of the two big-time in-state recruits I said I didn't feel as confident about Mizzou landing?  Bingo.  He's off to a North rival.  It was a bit predictable, though it does put more onus on Missouri to lock down Liberty's Marcus Lucas.

And don't forget...