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Mizzou Links, 5-19-09

Photo from The Trib's Nick King

Today's Softball Super Regional links!

To baseball, where The Trib takes note of Mizzou's hot finish to the regular season (and takes a look at MU players in the minors).

To football recruiting, where PowerMizzou takes a look at Mizzou's top OL targets for 2010.

Finally, in case you didn't read anything but his shout-out to RMN, here's Dave Matter's hodgepodge "Case of the Mondays" post.

There’s a line in Bruce Feldman’s 2007 page-turner “Meat Market” ... The toughest position to evaluate in recruiting is cornerback “because it’s harder to get good film on corners,” Feldman writes, “which often forces coaches to project a high school wide receiver or a running back as a college corner.”


From 2002-05, the Tigers wound up retaining just two corners who contributed significantly at the position, [Darnell] Terrell and [Hardy] Ricks, who was moved to safety in 2007.


The good news for Missouri is that the roster has seen an influx of talent at the position the last two years. The rash of turnover has subsided — for now — and the depth is as good as it’s been under Gary Pinkel. That’s significant, considering how difficult a position to project and recruit it’s proven to be.