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It's official: seven straight NCAA Tournaments

Mizzou drew a 2-seed in the Oxford Regional and will play 3-seed Western Kentucky at 3pm on Friday.  The other matchup is #1 Ole Miss vs #4 Monmouth at 7pm.

Other Big 12 Teams

Texas drew the nation's overall #1 seed and will host #2 Texas State, #3 Boston College and #4 Army.

Oklahoma is the nation's overall 7-seed and will host #2 Arkansas, #3 Washington State, and #4 Wichita State.

Texas A&M drew a 2-seed with #1 TCU, #3 Oregon State, and #4 Wright State.  Winner of their regional will play the winner of the Longhorns' regional.

Kansas State drew a 2-seed as well.  They're up against #1 Rice, #3 Xavier, and #4 Sam Houston State.

Winner of K-State's regional will play the winner of Baylor's regional.  They're the 3-seed and will travel to Baton Rouge to play #1 LSU, #2 Minnesota and #4 Southern U.

Kansas, who probably dropped from consideration for a 2-seed after a winless Big 12 Tournament, drew #1 North Carolina (the nation's overall 4-seed), #2 Coastal Carolina and #4 Dartmouth.

UPDATE, 3:13pm - I hadn't even noticed Oklahoma State in the field.  Didn't know they still had a chance, being that, you know, they didn't even make the conference tournament.  They drew a 3-seed with #1 Clemson, #2 Alabama, and #4 Tennessee Tech.  Baseball America is unimpressed with the selection.  It's still pretty cool that the Big 12 got eight teams in the tourney, I guess.

View the whole bracket here (pdf).