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Mizzou Links, 5-29-09

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Mizzou Softball, a.k.a. "That didn't quite go how we wanted" links!

  • Mizzou falls to Arizona State, 7-3
  • The Trib: Missouri drops into losers' bracket at College World Series
  • The Trib: MU softball team slapped silly
  • KC Star: Arizona State bounces Mizzou in softball series opener
  • The Missourian: Missouri softball drops World Series opener
  • Post-Dispatch: Miscues, 'bouncy' field doom MU softball team

And clearly yesterday didn't go particularly well for her, but ESPN posted a nice Chelsea Thomas article before yesterday's game.

The Oxford Regional kicks up today...links!

  • The Trib: Bulked-up ace key for Tigers in tourney
  • The Trib: Missouri's Gibson a top prospect
  • KC Star: Tepesch gets the ball for Missouri in baseball regional opener
  • Post-Dispatch: Mizzou leadoff man seizes opportunity
  • PowerMizzou: Mizzou saving ace for possible matchup with UM
  • PowerMizzou: Oxford Regional Preview

To the NBA Draft, where we've got a couple of DeMarre Carroll-related links to pass along.  First, ESPN Insider's Chad Ford discusses the fact that DeMarre's active nature is going to get him a chance at the first round.

"Carroll is just so active, and he's bigger and more athletic than you think," one NBA executive said. "I'm not sure he's a star in the league, but I do think he's going somewhere in the first round. A contending team needs guys like him. He'll do anything and do it with a smile on his face."

Next up, Draft Express has a "workout webisode" for Carroll and analysis.  Here's the video...

...and here's the analysis.

Finally, PowerMizzou continues its "All-Time Tigers" poll by taking a look at running back.  I'm sorry, but...Darrell Wallace, Zach Abron, Devin West, Tony Temple...and no Brock Olivo?  Really?  I'm not saying I would or wouldn't have voted for him, Brock Olivo?  Really?  I realize putting his name on the wall and retiring his number was controversial and all, but...his name's on the wall.  His number's retired.  And he doesn't even get nominated?  Really?  And Michael you not have an entourage?  Really?  Because you should put together an entourage, and the first guy in the entourage should be called "Michael Vick's official weed carrier."  Really.

Whoops, I think I got carried away there...

Oh yeah, and at least until the baseball game starts...