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Women's College World Series Live Thread: Bracket 1/Day 3

Who will get the start today for Mizzou?

Who: No. 6 Georgia (44-11) vs. Missouri (50-11) @ 11:00 a.m. (CST)
Where: ASA Hall of Fame Stadium, Oklahoma City, OK

Online: ESPN360
How We Got Here: Bracket 
Weather: Hour-by-Hour Forecast
SB Nation Partner: Dawg Sports (UGA)
Previews: Know Your (Potential) WCWS Opponent - Georgia

Thursday certainly did not go as planned, and the ladies now have their backs to the wall and are playing for their season this morning against a Georgia team in the same situation.  Which team will keep their WCWS hopes alive and get to play Michigan later this evening (since I am not sure anyone is aware the bracket seems to cross over at this point, which I find strage)

Make Rock M Nation your base of operations this weekend and weigh in with your predictions, questions, worries, bold statements and observations by signing up for a free account. Oklahoma City has been good to Mizzou so far in 2009. Both Softball and Baseball threads will be active today, but the games are not likely to overlap.  Hang around all day long to catch all the action.