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Mizzou Links, 5-7-09

Well, the Annual Performance Reports for academic performance are in...and Mizzou's #1 in the Big 12!

Men’s Average APR Sport Ranking Within Big 12 (Top-Three Listed)

  1. Mizzou (3.00)
  2. Kansas (4.29)
  3. Texas (4.33)

Women’s Average APR Sport Ranking Within Big 12 (Top-Three Listed)

  1. Mizzou (3.00)
  2. Iowa State (4.40)
  3. Texas (4.40)

Combined Average APR Sport Ranking Within Big 12 (Top-Three Listed)

  1. Mizzou (3.00)
  2. Texas (4.37)
  3. Oklahoma State (5.18)

One more way where Mike Alden has slowly built one hell of an athletic program, I guess...

Relatively Random Football links!

  • The Trib: Tommy Saunders, Chase Patton get NFL Looks
  • Post-Dispatch: Can Mizzou football live up to recent success?
  • PowerMizzou: Missouri offers Oklahoma ATH
  • The Missourian: Big 12 football coaches vote to keep tiebreaker (good!)

Call it the JT Tiller rule: the NCAA has decided that if a player is fouled and hurt too badly to take the free throws, the opposing coach can choose the free throw shooter among the remaining players on the court.  How freaking stupid.  So if you've got a Shaq (or Monte Hardge), you now have to keep him off the court late in the game in case somebody ELSE gets fouled hard?  Are we really going to create a rule that makes it a benefit for an opposing team to foul a player so hard that it injures him?  Awesome.  Well done, NCAA.  Kudos.

On to a happier, much less stupid basketball link: via Steve Walentik, we find this NY Times article about Linas Kleiza and his artist parents.  (By the way, has anybody noticed how freaking great the Nuggets have looked so far in the playoffs??  I just can't wrap my head around it yet...)

On the eve of the Big 12 Tournament, the Post-Dispatch takes a look at Mizzou Softball, and Ehren Earleywine's propensity for finding diamonds in the rough (like most other Mizzou coaches, really).

Finally, Maize N Brew delivers today's discussion topic: when it comes to recruiting coverage, how much is just too freaking much?