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It's The Fastest 40 Minutes in Podcasting!

It's another offseason edition of the Fastest 40 MInutes!  Once again, it's just Ross and me this time around.  When summer rolls around we'll have some guests, but...hey, what more do you need other than Ross and me???  Today's topics...

  1. I rant about NCAA rule changes
  2. Pats on the back for successful APR performance
  3. Discussion of Mizzou Basketball's two new signees--Tyler Stone and John Underwood
  4. A check in on Mizzou Football Recruiting and the decent amount of local talent looking at Missouri
  5. All Sports Report!  No major gaffes this time around, other than forgetting Mizzou Baseball's record.
  6. A check in on Meme Madness
  7. Other internal business that you'll only know about if you listen!

Direct mp3 download link

Today's outro: a little dose of Okkervil River.