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Mizzou Links, 5-8-09

In light of Mizzou's solid APR performance, the Maneater's Mark Levitt reflects on what he suggests is "the greatest year in Mizzou sports history."

[T]he Big Kahuna goes to the boys bouncing the ball. The 2008-2009 Team of the Year, without any doubt, is the men's basketball team. A Big 12 tourney title (the second in school history). An Elite 8 appearance. Charisma. Fans rushed the court, screamed their black and gold tails off and witnessed a team they won't forget.

I've been unbelievably lucky to cover Missouri sports these past months. Thank you to anybody who's read and everyone who has enjoyed MU's success as much as I have. Hopefully there will be even better things in store for next year.

Two Mizzou squads attempt to keep this greatest year rolling on this weekend.  Mizzou Softball kicks off its Big 12 Tournament performance tomorrow at 11am against the winner of OSU-Tech...

...while Mizzou starts a three-game Border War Showdown Skirmish Tussle Staring Contest matchup with the Beakers tonight at Simmons Field.  The Maneater previews what should be quite the competitive series...


tigerpimp_96 asks: If you were Yost and you were doing film study on other college football teams that you were going to incorporate some of their offensive scheming/plays into MU's O... which team/s would it be? 

The only thing I'd consider is some more traditional, straight ahead running plays. I'm not talking about a fullback or a goal line package, but a handoff that's designed to go over right or left guard. The zone read is all right, but it takes so long to develop and seems to me to result in a loss of five yards or more too often. Oklahoma runs a spread, but they've got the ability to hand it off straight up the gut plenty too. And, yes, I realize Oklahoma has phenomenal talent, but that's the type of play I'd like to see. As far as being an inventive offense, I'm not sure anyone is any more creative than the Tigers offensively the last few years.

UPDATE, 7:45am: Lest we forget...