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Mizzou Links, 6-11-09

As the MLB Draft comes to a close, it's time for my annual favorite trripleplay post, A Tip of the Cap.  Assuming somebody doesn't throw some crazy, non-slot money at them, it does appear that Greg Folgia and Aaron Senne will be back for Mizzou in 2010, which is lovely news.  Should benefit both of them quite a bit.  We'll see if Trevor Coleman signs.  But regardless, congrats to Aaron Crow, Kyle Gibson, Coleman, and Kyle Mach.

And while we're talking college baseball, the nerd in me LOVED this stat-heavy look at when it actually makes sense to bunt, and when it's hurting your likelihood of scoring.

Now for some recruiting links...the Belleville News-Democrat checks in with Cahokia's Jimmie Hunt after his commitment to Mizzou, while PowerMizzou talks to Nick Demien about his camp experience and notes the abundance of solid defensive backs who might be on their way to a Mizzou offer.

Track & Field links! summarizes yesterday's action, while The Trib profiles Hickman grad Kaela Rorvig.

With the JT Tiller Rule (or was it the Kim English Rule?) officially in effect, Joe Walljasper, um, sides with the NCAA.

Now, I’m sure the more naive among you will suggest that theatrical faked injuries almost never happen in sports other than professional soccer. You’ll say this rule change will reward teams for committing potentially dangerous fouls. I say you’re ignoring the evidence right in front of your noses. I would shout this from the rooftops, but a strange black helicopter has been following me recently.

Consider this scenario.

Is it not possible that Missouri’s coaches had planned for just such an occasion by unnecessarily placing a brace on Tiller’s right wrist for the latter part of the regular season, thus establishing the false history of a fake injury in case he was fouled in a crucial situation? Is it so far-fetched to believe the coaches asked English to miss foul shots throughout the season to ensure he would have a lower free-throw percentage than Tiller, hence creating a postgame alibi? Might they have instructed Tiller to have unnecessary postseason surgery on the wrist to cover their tracks?

Oh, it’s possible.

Finally, another strong "Mike Alden gets the last laugh" article referencing the Alden roast...and NOT PROVIDING ANY JOKES FROM THE ROAST.  No matter how good the story actually is, that's unacceptable.  UNACCEPTABLE!