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Mizzou Links, 6-12-09

I'm sure you kept up with the MLB draft in the RMN draft thread(s), but just in case you didn't, here's a summary of the Mizzou-related action on Day #3.  Aaron Senne was drafted #972 overall by the Twins, Ryan Lollis #1,107 by the Giants, Greg Folgia #1,205 to the Indians.  Picks that low, especially underclassmen like Senne and Folgia, are usually backup plans in case the teams drafting them can't sign a couple higher picks.  If they haven't signed as much as they thought and have some money lying around, they might try to cash in on an improbable signing.  But the odds are pretty good at this point that both Senne and Folgia will be back in black and gold next year.

And speaking of Mizzou Baseball, trripleplay wraps-up the postseason coverage with the other half of his annual Tip of the Cap post--the By the Numbers portion.

131 - Strikeouts this season for Kyle Gibson, tying Max Scherzer for single season Ks

304 - Strikeouts in Gibson's MU career, good for 2nd all-time at MU (#1 is John Dettmer, 89-92, with 74)

And again, in case you weren't following along in comments, Lars Rise: Mizzou All-American.  The Missourian talks about the success (at least at an individual level) Mizzou continues to have in track & field.

To football, where Dave Matter has an excellent piece about the sickle cell danger for which Mizzou will now begin to test.

The sickle cell trait is an inherited condition that produces two different kinds of hemoglobin in red blood cells, one of which is an abnormal type that can take on a crescent shape and have problems flowing through blood vessels. If a person that carries the trait engages in intense physical activity, their abnormal hemoglobin can alter the shape of red blood cells and pose a lethal threat to the body, a process known as exertional sickling.

When those crescent-shaped cells pile up in the bloodstream, a person can suffer acute rhabdomyolysis. When that happens, the person usually collapses. Unless treated quickly, death can soon follow.

MAILBAG!!!  Other camp/recruiting links: the Post-Dispatch looks at the success and impressiveness of Mizzou's summer camps, and PowerMizzou looks at the latest Michigan high schooler to receive a Mizzou offer. always...