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Mizzou Links, 6-15-09

Not a tremendously link-worthy weekend...but we'll make the best of it...

Apparently the time-killing idea over at the Dot Com this weekend was "Conference Challenges"...Mark Schlabach pitted Mizzou and Georgia in this mythical Big 12/SEC Challenge, while we go to the videotape to talk Big Ten vs Big 12.

This weekend's summer time-killer for Dave Matter: ranking the conference coordinators.  Meanwhile, as a follow-up to the interview he had with Sheldon Richardson's JUCO coach, here's a full-length story on Big Sheldon.

Mizzou had a basketball camp this weekend.  Two attendees: 3-star Arkansas wing (and cousin to Leo Lyons) Preston Purifoy and 3-star Memphis wing Chris Crawford (Rivals profile here).

To football recruiting: PowerMizzou caught up with two Lebanon athletes who turned heads at Mizzou's camp a couple weeks ago and also talked to 4-star Rock Bridge TE/LB Trey Millard and his coach AJ Ofodile.

Ofodile and Millard both believe that Millard's future lies on offense. "Just watching him turn the corner, get off the ball, it's clear he's a first-round talent," Ofodile said. "And when you put him on a no-huddle team, when he could motion out into three different positions, how do you classify him?"

Here's's weekend track wrap-up...

Trrip at SimmonsField this year's press coverage of Mizzou Baseball...

And finally, everybody say hi to the newest resident of Casa Boy...a 2-year old rescue named Laney...the cats are, thus far, unimpressed.