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Bowling Green Links

That's right, it's Bowling Green Week on Rock M Nation!  By Friday, you'll know more about the Falcons than you thought imaginable...

First, the basics:

The Falcons hired a new coach in the offseason: former Fordham and Richmond Head Coach Dave Clawson.  He brought Richmond back to respectability and helped lay the foundation for last season's FCS national title...but right now, he's more known for being the Offensive Coordinator for Tennessee in 2008...when they had just about the worst offense of any major conference team.

Preseason predictions:

  • Athlon: Bowling Green = #99
  • NY Times' lovely The Quad blog: Bowling Green = #86
    Each of the last three Bowling Green coaches have led the Falcons to a solid improvement in their first season in charge. In 1991, Gary Blackney and B.G.S.U. finished 11-3 (tying a school-record for wins in a season), an eight-game improvement over the team’s 3-8 finish in 1990. Urban Meyer’s first year in charge, 2001, saw the Falcons go 8-3, a six-game improvement over the previous season (2-9, Blackney’s last season). In 2003, a talented B.G.S.U. squad went 11-3, a two-game improvement over Meyer’s last season (9-3). We’ll touch on Clawson’s coaching resume in a moment, but he has a history of rapidly turning around the programs he inherits.
  • Six Falcons named to Phil Steele's MAC Preseason Team

Needless to say, things didn't go tremendously well for Mizzou last time they played a first-year Bowling Green coach (or second-year, for that matter).

Spring Game links!

  • Recap
    The BGSU run game, which finished the afternoon with 221 yards on 56 carries, continued to roll later in the first quarter, capped by a 25-yard run from Steven Dunlap. Dunlap finished the day with 106 yards on 15 carries.
  • Box Score