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Mizzou Links, 6-16-09

With the NBA Draft getting ever closer, DeMarre Carroll talks about the random liver issue that everybody's just now hearing about, while the KC Star's Mike Dearmond discusses the draft potential of both Carroll and Leo Lyons.

The real thing is Carroll has put himself on the doorstep of a pro career. His big task will be bringing the energy that he brought every game of his college career to every game of his NBA career, and as we all know, the NBA season is a lot longer. It’ll be hard, but the kid has a lot of guts. And I really liked his explanation of the outlook he has with the liver disorder. You know, in 20-25 years, maybe by then we can grow a new liver.

To basketball recruiting, where the wooing of top 2010 names is gaining speed.  You've got well-touted Memphis guard Mardracus Wade enjoying himself at Mizzou's camp and ranking Mizzou alongside Arkansas, Baylor, Mississippi State, Alabama, and UMass (sounds like Arkansas is the leader); then you've got even more well-touted Memphis forward Tarik Black talking Mizzou.  Gonna be a fight for either or both of them, though with the list of guards looking at Mizzou, I do think Black would be the bigger (and harder) get of the two.

To football recruiting, where PowerMizzou collects itself after a few crazy weeks and puts together a new Offensive Hot Board for 2010.

Brock Christopher: New York Jet.

The Unholy Alliance has taken itself to 140-character territory.  Meanwhile, check out a decent Curt Kitchen interview with Old Man Snyder (via BOTC).

Carrying on from yesterday's major conversation topic--the new Mountain West BCS proposal--I bring you the takes of Dave Matter and Dr. Saturday.


I do like the idea of a 12-person committee deciding the top 25, a proposal that I’m assuming would essentially eliminate the super-secret coaches’ poll from having any say in the postseason process. Regardless, I don't give this proposal much chance. Change doesn't come about too easily with this crew, especially at the suggestion of a non-BCS conference.


In one sense, Thompson's plan would be a sort of stopgap to the declining art of non-conference scheduling: Teams would have to hold up their end to hit the 20-game plateau. But simply maintaining the status quo in that regard would mean the current auto-bids are safe, and the "radical change" is nothing more than a thinly veiled wedge for the Mountain West to get its foot in the door. (None of the other mid-major conferences are in question here, because none aside from the Mountain West approaches the required .400 win percentage against the "Big Six" leagues.) In that case, the MWC is just another mouth at the table, demanding a slice of the pie. Those with pie do not typically vote to share with those without pie.

As trrip at wraps up his, um, season wrap-up, it's time for the Jay Bell Award.

Finally...nothing to do with Mizzou, but this list from 11 Points, talking about 11 Major League feats that have happened only once, is hilarious.

And with even LESS to do with Mizzou, I bring you...Death Metal Parrot.