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Mizzou Links, 6-19-09

First things first: Mizzou just got on the board with a 2011 commit, Lee's Summit QB Corbin Berkstresser.  Interesting prospect.  Just a sophomore, he's 6'4, 220.  His stat weren't amazing last year, but a) he was a sophomore starting at a big school, b) Blaine Gabbert's high school stats weren't amazing, and c) clearly the coaching staff sees something to have dropped him a verbal offer three months before his junior season.  Here are some highlights:

Now hopefully we can land Cameron Coffman down the line as well...we shall see, I guess.

In other football recruiting news, it looks like Mizzou's in the top three for huge Illinois receiver Matt Milton.

To money.  This links a few days old, but it wasn't at all on my radar screen apparently.  Big 12 revenue figures are out, and uhh...if it weren't clear before the Texas is the Yankees...seriously.  They raked in $20 million more than Missouri and Kansas State combined.

After that annoying topic, we switch to a more fun one: Kimmeh.  The KC Star checks in with #24...

On a recent Saturday, as English was just finishing moving into his dorm room for the summer, he received a text message from Michael Dixon, an incoming freshman guard out of Lee’s Summit West.

"Hey, man, let’s go to the gym," Dixon texted.

They did. Worked out. Shot around. Started to cement bonds of camaraderie. Dixon asked when they were going to sleep over at Mizzou Arena.

"I see the drive," English said of Dixon. "The sky’s the limit for that kid."

Meanwhile, Jimmy McKinney still has a dream...

...and Steve Walentik is done with the one-and-done rule.

Because the NBA has forced them to wait a year after high school to be draft eligible, most spend a season on college campuses, but in too many instances, they have little interest in getting anything out the education offered there. And the rules make it so they don't have to.

"You pass six hours in the fall, you don't go to school in the spring, and the next thing you know, you're still eligible to play the whole year," Self said. "It has been abused a little bit."

Finally, chalk this up as Reason #1,121 the Internet was created: Gary Busey is on Twitter.  And it's as flipping insane as you would hope. always...just in case anybody can beat the Gary Busey link...