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Mizzou Links, 6-22-09

Yeah, we're to the deadest of the summer dead period...nothing in particular will be going on a month from now either, but at least we'll have more and more football previews to read.  Right now, not so much.

Really, the only Mizzou-related links at the moment are recruiting links...and all from PowerMizzou ($).

  • First, Mizzou scored another 2010 commit on Friday, from Houston sleeper Braylon Webb.  If you had to boil Mizzou's recruiting down to five words, it would be "Missouri kids and Texas sleepers."  In other words, Webb is your absolute run-of-the-mill Mizzou recruit.  Good size, good speed, come on down!
  • Next, Mizzou seems in pretty good shape with Owasso (OK) DB Aaron Colvin.  In general, though, you don't get many OK kids with OU offers out of OK, so we'll see what happens.  He's got ties to StL, but we'll see.  Once they score an OU offer, I just assume he's not ours.
  • Next, another OK kid: Moore (OK) ATH Julian Wilson, who has big-time speed and is apparently going to announce his college decision on December 30, his mom's birthday.  That's very sweet, but I'm not going to lie...kind of weird too.
  • And in case you missed it on Friday, the latest Chamber walks through basketball recruiting and potentially the next handful of commits.

Dave Matter: the solution for summer least over the weekend.  He came up with a nice "best of the Big 12 newcomers" piece for me to link to, which I appreciate.  The top name on the list, ATM's Christine Michael, is one of the bigger wildcards in the conference.  Now that ridiculously overrated Mike Goodson is gone, Michael should get plenty of carries, and if the Ags have a nice rushing attack to go with the young, good-not-great passing attack of QB Jerrod Johnson, WR Jeff Fuller, and WR Ryan Tannehill (assuming he's WR and not QB), then they could be dangerous.  I still don't see anything becoming of their defense this year, but at the very least they could jump up and knock down a higher-ranked team along the line.

Here's all I ask: if you're going to get arrested in the offseason, do something entertaining.  Iowa lineman Kyle Calloway complied by getting a ho-hum drunk driving arrest...but on a moped.  So it's like that one episode of Scrubs where JD is arrested for riding a moped on the sidewalk, only Calloway's 6'7, 320 pounds.

Finally, I only link to this because it's one of my favorite games I've watched.  The Rivalry, Esq. is posting its Top 10 SEC-Big Ten Games of the Last Decade, and #2 is the epic 2000 Orange Bowl between Michigan and Alabama.  After watching this game, I thought both Shaun Alexander and David Terrell were going to be Hall of Famers...they were both so amazing...and Michigan's QB wasn't too bad either.