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Mizzou Links, 6-23-09

Matt Lawrence: Strength & Conditioning All-American.  Nice.

Mock Drafts!  Apparently DeMarre Carroll could go anywhere between #19 and not at all.  Um, why am I even reading these things?

  • ESPN (Insider): DeMarre goes #35 to Detroit (also linked here)
  • Leo goes #49 to Atlanta, DeMarre #51 to San Antonio
  • CBS Sports: DeMarre goes #30 to Cleveland
    He would bring the Cavaliers everything they had wished from Ben Wallace. Carroll would give them the strength and athleticism that they so desperately needed in the playoffs. He is far from a complete player, but he can get up and down as well as any big in the draft and he has a limitless motor. They also could look for a shooter here, depending on how they feel about last year's pick, J.J. Hickson.
  • DeMarre goes #17 (!!) to Minnesota.  I love DeMarre to death, but... #47 to Minnesota.  (I can't read.)

Sticking with basketball, SI's Seth Davis looks toward 2009-10 and includes a blurb about Mizzou.

"I think we're on the threshold of really taking off," said Anderson, who was working as a court coach for the World University Games team. "I had some decisions to make and I left some things (read: money) on the table, but the administration was great to me and my staff. At the end of the day, I felt comfortable with my decision."

Today's recruiting link: Rivals has posted new film for Rockhurst's Dexter McDonald.  Sounds like Mizzou's in pretty good shape with him.

So...I haven't really linked to anything related to the current K-State 'scandal'...because, frankly, I still haven't really wrapped my head around it.  Thankfully, smarter people than I are starting to figure things out.  The Topeka Capital-Journal's Austin Meek does a little exit analysis, while BOTC's TB analyzes the KSU Board of Regents' audit.

Finally, here's an interesting post from a blog called The National Championship Issue.  It talks about the impact of losses in the AP and Coaches Polls and looks at which losses are the most and least costly.  It appears that non-BCS teams get penalized for losses more than BCS teams (which makes a little sense if they're in conference play--a loss for a non-BCS team ranked in the Top 25 is at least a hair more likely to come against a poor team.

Other conclusions:

  • The polls are far more volatile in September.
  • Bowl losses don't impact polls much.
  • Location of loss really doesn't matter.
  • Margin of loss matters (I would hope so!).
  • Iowa gets penalized for losses more than Iowa State.
  • Pollsters like Ole Miss and Air Force.
  • Pollsters really don't like UConn or Tulsa.

So there you go.