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Mizzou Links, 6-24-09

An interesting amalgamation of links today...some even somewhat Mizzou-related!

First things first: put another one on the board for Mizzou's 2010 class, and this one should be extra special.  Ghtd36 is in love with Kendial God Lawrence, but what happens when a player from rptgwb's high school officially commits?  On a scale of 1 to crazy mancrush, where does LB Jared Parham fall?

One thing's for certain: dude can hit.

Hey, get this: the Bengals have been impressed with Chase Coffman!  Who knew??  The average Rock M'er seems much more quick to predict success for Coffman they are for either of Mizzou's first-round picks, which is both funny and quite telling.

 In other "Mizzou Alums in the Pro's" Jets coach Rex Ryan has some encouraging things to say about Brad Smith

To basketball, where The Missourian checks in with DeMarre Carroll and Leo Lyons with just 48 hours remaining until the Draft.

To baseball, where trripleplay checks in on some of Mizzou's minor leaguers.

To wrestling, sort of...former Tiger grappler Tyron Woodley is slowly turning himself into a world class MMA'er.

To the non-Mizzou links!  The New York Times's The Quad blog has ranked Kansas State #70 for the upcoming season.  In the projections I've been tinkering with, they continue to end up a decent amount higher than that, and I can't really explain why.  Apparently even my numbers fear Bill Snyder.

I think this is a wonderful idea, in reference to Purdue having the "world's largest drum":

Why doesn't Indiana build a BIGGER drum?  I contest that if that were a true rivalry, the drum-arms-race would have reached an epic level by this time.

There are plenty of arms races in college football right now (weight rooms, scoreboards, etc.), but none of them are for purely petty, immaturely entertaining purposes.  I encourage a new trend.

And finally, just because...