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Nevada: 2009 Projections

Nevada Week has come and gone. Before Nebraska Week kicks up on Monday, let's bring it all together.

Nevada is being seen as something of a second-tier 'BCS buster' type of team, and as you'll see, the biggest obstacles to their making noise in 2009 come in the first and last games of the season. In between trips to South Bend and Boise, Nevada could very well go undefeated if they catch breaks and play with their hair on fire against Missouri and Fresno State. But even if they do go undefeated in those ten games, winning at Notre Dame and Boise State is a bit much to ask.

Date Opponent Proj. W/L Margin Record Conf. Rec.
9/5 at Notre Dame L -13.2 0-1
9/12 at Colorado State W +5.4 1-1
9/25 Missouri L -3.5 1-2
10/3 UNLV W +15.3 2-2
10/9 Louisiana Tech W +12.7 3-2 1-0
10/17 at Utah State W +7.4 4-2 2-0
10/24 Idaho W +23.4 5-2 3-0
10/31 Hawaii W +6.1 6-2 4-0
11/8 at San Jose State W +7.3 7-2 5-0
11/14 Fresno State L -1.3 7-3 5-1
11/21 at New Mexico State W +14.8 8-3 6-1
11/27 at Boise State L -15.4 8-4 6-2

As a whole, these results are pretty locked in--only one game (@ Fresno) is determined by the application of the 4-point home-field advantage. And in the end, unlike a lot of the results for Illinois and Bowling Green, there aren't a ton of closer games here--Fresno's the closest to a tossup, and Mizzou's next.

Alright, your turn. What do you think?