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Mizzou Links, 6-26-09

Hooray, JYD!  NBA Draft Links!

  • Marre to Memphis - Carroll Taken in First Round
  • The Trib: Memphis selects Carroll with 27th pick
  • The Missourian: Missouri's Carroll selected by Grizzlies in NBA Draft
  • KC Star: MU's DeMarre Carroll overcame much on his way to first-round NBA pick
    Ultimately, Carroll said, overcoming obstacles fed his competitive fire. Especially the NBA evaluation that he was not ready for the prime time of pro ball last year.

    "I like when people doubt you," Carroll said.

    "I’m kind of how our Missouri team was.

    "We came out of nowhere. A lot of people talk about what I can’t do, what position will I play in the NBA. "I like that. I like to fly under the radar, to come out of nowhere."
  • Memphis Commercial Appeal: Grizzlies select Hasheem Thabeet with No. 2 pick in NBA draft (DeMarre blurb too)

No word on Leo Lyons yet, who went undrafted.  We'll see where he ends up; good luck to him.

And because I feel like it, now seemed like a pretty good time to post this Senior Night video again...such a great night and moment...

And if that's not enough closure for you with this senior class, here's a nice Q&A between Steve Walentik and the Grey Goose.

CV: You've had teammates over your time at Missouri who've played overseas. Have you talked to any of them about those experiences? What sorts of things have you heard?

ML: It's been kind of 50-50. I think the guys who want to be in the NBA so bad and that's their lifelong dream, kind of go overseas just thinking about the NBA the whole time and not really having the greatest experience because they want to be somewhere else, but myself, I know that the NBA's probably not going to happen for me. I've come to terms with that, but I would just love to keep playing. Wherever I go, I'm sure I'm going to have fun doing it, as long as I'm playing basketball. I've heard good things from guys like Rickey Paulding and Jimmy McKinney, Kevin Young. There's some places people don't like to play, and there's some places they do like to play. As long as I'm playing, I'm sure I'll be fine.

Wonder why Kim English's Twitter account disappeared?  Dave Matter's got the answer...and on Twitter, of course:

@sparksjay Kim told @mutigersdotcom: im on a mission to let my game do all my talking. the more im on twitter .. the less time im in the gym


Your one non-basketball link: the Big 12 has set their football Media Days lineup.  Mizzou's up first on Day #2, July 28.

Finally, pretty sure Awful Announcing lives for things like the NBA Draft.  Be sure to read last night's live-blog (after you read Simmons's, of course).  Pretty much says everything I was thinking, only much, much funnier.

Oh yeah, and...