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Lance Stephenson? Eh?

Lance has visited Kansas, Maryland and St. John’s and Lance Stephenson Sr. recently said his son would take two more.

Memphis and Arizona may still be involved, but no visits have been set, as far as we know.

Other potential schools in the mix include Missouri, Pittsburgh and UNC-Charlotte, according to a source.

-- ZAGSBLOG, on the ongoing recruiting saga of Lance Stephenson.

Who's Lance Stephenson? This is Lance Stephenson. And this. And...this.

The Missouri mention is a new twist. Granted, I'd be willing to bet a decent amount of money that he ends up at Cincy at this point, and probably pretty soon, but interesting twist.

The Beef and I had an e-mail conversation about Stephenson this morning. And really, this goes back to the "Culture vs Caliber" debate I've talked about a lot on RMN. Does the culture of the program matter more than the caliber of the talent/athlete? Mizzou's chemistry was unbelievable last year; if Anderson could bring in a guy like Stephenson, with other-worldly talent and an awful "me first" reputation, and make him a team player and contributor, and if he was absorbed into the team culture of guys like J.T. Tiller, Kim English, and Zaire Taylor, not only would the sky be the limit on the 2009-10 team, but I think recruiting could see a major upswing as a result.

On the other hand, if he comes in and pollutes the water, pouting the first time he doesn't play 20 minutes in a game or get enough shots, and if the ongoing strangeness involving his eligibility were to continue, then this would not at all be a gamble worth taking. My fascination with grey areas makes me want Missouri to take this chance, but my love of and comfortability with known knowns (in this case, ridiculously good team chemistry) wants me to tell Mike Anderson to run away screaming. But after 2008-09, Anderson gets a free pass from me on this one. If, after the Stefhon Hannah drama blew up in his face, he still feels it's worth the risk to try to woo Stephenson here, so be it. If not, I'm more than okay with that.