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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - With Mizzou Softball and Baseball officially in the books (Wonderful season, girls!  Decent season, guys!) and less than 100 days to go before football season, it's almost time to get the football game face on.  (Say it with me...FOOTBALL!!!!!!!1!!!!11)  Before we get into Mizzou, I'm going to ask a variation of a question I'm pretty sure I've asked both of the last two offseasons: who's your favorite non-Big 12 team?  Who have you either developed a geographic or completely irrational attachment to over the years?  We all know The Beef's answer, but I'm asking it anyway.

2 - In the last week, a) Colorado has lost their best WR (Josh Smith) and one of their most experienced OL's (Devin Head...huh huh).  Not that it matters, but will this prevent summer prognosticators from picking Colorado over Missouri in the North in 2009?

3 - Who has a better chance of winning their respective title...the Orlando Magic or the Pittsburgh Penguins?

4 - Our twelve weeks of 2009 football previews start next week with Illinois.  Being that we're totally dissing Furman by skipping them in favor of previews of the three South teams we don't play, here's your chance: give Furman some love...or, you know, some smack.  Your choice.

Michael Atchison: 1 - football . . . .  FOOTball . . . .  FOOTBA . . . .sorry, just not happening yet.  As for favorite non-Big 12 team, I don’t have one.  Mizzou is my team because Mizzou is my alma mater.  I don’t have any other alma mater, so I don’t have any particular interest in any other school, but I do feel a little soft spot for Virginia Tech because I did some work for one of their coaches in my former life.

2 - How many summer prognosticators do you expect to be aware of the info?  Some (the Phil Steeles of the world) seem to track what each school’s walk-ons eat for breakfast) but many seem to pick based on a generalized feel.  In short, no, it won’t prevent that.

3 - Given that the Penguins are already down in the series, that the Magic have already survived two teams better than anyone L.A. has played, and that Orlando is a matchup problem with an immovable object in the middle and irrepressible shooters all around, the Magic is the easy pick.

4 - Can I talk about the new Thermals album instead?  It smokes.

Doug: 1 - Well, my folks and younger brother all went to Emporia State, so they come close as a team I follow to which I have no real personal attachment. In terms of big schools... meh.

2 - Apparently Phil Steele has Kansas State finishing second in the Big 12 North, so wrap your head around that one.

3 - Magic, because as of right now, that series is tied.

4 - Oh, hey, I interviewed for a job in Greenville, cool little town. I was sorry it didn't work out. Until gas prices went to $5 and the economy hit bedrock.

The Boy: 1 - FOOTBALL!!!!!!  Growing up, my second-favorite team was OSU, but obviously that doesn't apply to this question...instead, I'll say North Texas.  Why?  Because when I was first getting addicted to EA's NCAA Football game, and it became too easy to win with Mizzou, the Mean Green were my underdog of choice (especially when I first created Hoss, the greatest 6'10, 330-pound, 4.3 speed running back of all time).  Of course, I've since learned that it's not that hard to win with North Texas, but still...MEAN GREEN!!!!!

2 - Being that Mizzou could legitimately finish anywhere between first and fifth in the North this year, nothing should be surprising, but while I enjoy the folks at Ralphie Report, I always pay close attention to where Colorado is being picked because a) I think Tim Griffin has named them his "sleeper pick" for the last 26 years in a row, and b) they remain trendy even after we've outscored them 113-10 the last two years.  So I will continue to pick on them whether they deserve it or not.  (And yes, the loss of Smith hurts.)

3 - I have no hope that the Magic can beat the Lakers, so by default I'm going Penguins.

4 - I just can't believe they named their team after that song from Stand by Me.

ZouDave: 1 - FOOTBALL!!!!!!!1!!!!11
I bet I have a different answer to this every year, and it's always for stupid reasons.  I'm going to go with TCU and Virginia, both because I won National Championships with them in Online Dynasties on NCAA '09.
2 - Well, it hasn't prevented Phil Steele from picking us 5th in the North.  I can't see how anyone, even with those players, would put Colorado above Missouri yet.  I know Missouri is a different team this year, but for crying out loud we've scored 113 straight on Colorado.  The last time that game was a close one was 2006 when we won 28-14, and that was an abysmal effort from the Tigers that day.  People are looking for a reason to knock Mizzou down, and I think that's going to set us up for a very enjoyable season.
3 - Um....I don't even know who the Penguins are facing (I'll guess Detroit?).  Orlando is facing the Fighting Kobe's, so the NBA will make sure Kobe gets a title this year for sure.  I'll have to go with Pittsburgh.  Do they still have Jagr?
4 - Furman?  Furman.  He's racist; that's a racist name.  What is he, German?  The Fuhr?  German?  Furman?  Sound a little familiar?

rptgwb: 1. FOOTBALL!!!!!!!1!! And when it is FOOTBALL!!!!!!!1!!11 season, my non-Big 12 heart goes out to Alabama even despite the man patrolling the sidelines.

2. Colorado football: Ready to turn the corner since 2006.

3. Orlando. Once again, Detroit is the best team in hockey.

4. What's a Furman?

ZouDave: Fur Man is a very unsuccessful superhero:


(90 minutes later...)

ZouDave: We can't seriously stop on "Fur Man", can we?  Where the hell is The Beef today?

rptgwb: Buying a tranquilizer gun to take out Fur Man.

Sounds like a job for Frank Wrench. [/insert video or image of Rob Corrdry's role in Arrested Development that I can't find anywhere on the interwebs here]

rptgwb: Ah ha! Hulu for the win:

The Beef: Sorry for the late answer boys...was a bit under the weather this morning

As for #1, is Penn State

2 - Most of the summer prognosticators dont have enough time or energy to deep dive into EVERY team, so on the surface, I dont think it will matter too much.  I still expect Mizzou to be third in most mags and a couple will still get us down in 4th.

3 - I think Pittsburgh has a better shot, but I dont think either team will actually get it done

4 - I still cannot believe we are dissing the Purple Paladins or whatever the hell they are.  Talk about the RMN curse

ghtd36: Again, sorry I'm late. Busy morning.

1- RAWRRR! FOOTBALL! As far as other allegiances, I've got a few. My dad's an Illinois grad, so I sort of pull for them when they aren't playing Mizzou. My brother's a Texas Tech grad, so I sort of pull for them when they aren't playing Mizzou. My mom's a proud graduate of Southwest Texas State (renamed Texas State, but I refuse to call it that), so I'm always pulling for the Bobs.

As far as irrational ones, I'd have to go with Tulsa. I worked there over two stints for a total of about eight months, and I love their campus. Beyond that, I'm always a big fan of the "overlooked program." OU rules that state, with Oklahoma State a distinct second. But Tulsa's building themselves an excellent program, even since Kragthorpe bolted for Louisville. Plus, their mascot and logo (with a hurricane warning flag!) are just AWESOME.

2- No, it won't. Remember: Dan Hawkins is awesome. Always and forever. He's a miracle worker.

3- I'm going to say the Magic, but only because I highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt that the Red Wings are going to lose at home, even with that atrocious penalty killing unit. But really...I don't like either of their chances. The Lakers match up surprisingly well with the Magic, especially since they can throw Bynum and Odom at Howard. Kobe's good enough to lock down (or at least severely limit) Hedo Turkoglu, which leaves Rashard Lewis as the X-Factor. If he goes off, they can win. If not, it's Kobe's title.

Then again, if Jameer Nelson comes back, forget everything I just said.

4- Furman is in South Carolina. The prosecution rests.

Michael Atchison: I like Tulsa strictly for the geographical improbability of a Tulsa Hurricane, never mind the existential problem of said hurricane being "golden."  It rivals the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers for mismatched locale and nickname.

ZouDave: Beef still thinks the Golden Hurricane is referring in some way to urination.

The Boy: By the way, I'm not at all proud to say...that I would soooooooo eat this.


Doug: It's like staring into the face of God.

You know, if God were a pizza... topped with mini-pizzas.