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Mizzou Links, 6-4-09

The posts are coming fast and furious at  Check out both trrips 2010 update ("Rumor has it that Mr. Intensity, Greg Folgia, has some intense feelings about returning to Mizzou for his senior year. His return - or the the possible return of other Tigers whose draft status has dropped from their preseason expectations - would obviously change the whole equation for 2010."), and his nice compilation of 2009 draft links.  Needless to say, Kyle Gibson's forearm tightness and drop in velocity are not helping his draft status.

Meanwhile, The Trib's Matt Nestor takes a look at the up-and-down year that was Mizzou Baseball 2009.

To football, where...DISRESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure, the Tigers sent tight end Chase Coffman, receivers Jeremy Maclin and Tommy Saunders, defensive lineman Ziggy Hood and William Moore to NFL camps. Possibly more — like quarterback Chase Daniel and kicker Jeff Wolfert — will wind up there.

But who will replace those college standouts? And will the likes of quarterback Blaine Gabbert, tight end Andrew Jones and linebacker Sean Weatherspoon measure up?

It is a question that seemingly still is being asked about some teams — like Missouri — while not so much about others, including a Nebraska team that may have lost every bit as much as Missouri from a team that was crushed 52-17 by the Tigers last year.

"There are people out there that still, apparently, they kind of view us as a program where consistency of winning at a high level is a question mark," Pinkel said. "Obviously, there’s a lack of respect."

Somehow I just got more optimistic about 2009.  Look out, Frank Alexander.

Who knows what will happen between now and Signing Day, but one has to love Mizzou's chances at landing Liberty's Marcus Lucas after reading this article from PowerMizzou's Pete Scantlebury.

If you're interested in a quick BTBS fix, check out this post: Senator Blutarsky, a Georgia fan, takes a nice look at the importance and interesting nature of Yards Per Possession.

The latest in PowerMizzou's All-Time Tigers look: Offensive Line.

Joe Walljasper: unimpressed with today's non-conference scheduling.

Chase Daniel & Colt Brennantogether again.

Crimson & Cream Machine has been taking a look at the best NFL players in other Big 12 schools' histories...yesterday, it was Mizzou's turn.  The original shutdown corner...good choice.

Finally, this has nothing at all to do with Mizzou or sports...but I think the reason the Internet was initially invented was so that I could eventually see stuff like this...if The Roots aren't the best band in the world, I don't know who is.