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It's the Fastest 40(ish) Minutes in Podcasting, Unholy Alliance Edition!

That's right, it's a very special edition of the Fastest 40 MInutes...not only do we have guests, but we have THE mister TB from Bring on the Cats.  It's not the whole crew this time around--our rptgwb couldn't make it, and BOTC's Panjandrum was in Beefy ducked out early on, but times were had by myself and Tye.  Join us as we...

  1. ...set a creepy, inappropriate tone with a little Al Green.
  2. ...bring up Ron Prince.
  3. about the ceiling of the K-State program with Bill Snyder at the helm again.
  4. about KSU's strengths and weaknesses heading into 2009 (which we'll obviously touch on again later in the summer).
  5. about Big 12 North/South inequalities (it only takes one bad hire to even things out, dammit!).
  6. better Big 12 tiebreakers.
  7. revenue sharing.
  8. ...discuss the potential birth of the Unholy Alliance.
  9. ...head out with a little DMB.
  10. ...I'm not going to lie, we went past 40 minutes.

Have a listen anyway!

Direct mp3 download link

As always, thanks to TB and all of our friends (enemies of our enemies, at least!) at BOTC.