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Mizzou Links, 7-1-09

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How the hell is it July already???  Not complaining, mind you...just amazed...

Talk about seems like Mizzou signee Keith Dewitt has been waiting for his ACT score for about 12 months now (okay, three weeks).  The Trib checks in on both how he's doing and how much longer he (and we) have to wait.

Thanks again, PowerMizzou, for the summer content.  We've got three new recruiting articles to look at--one for an old name, one for a new, and one for a Missouri DE who just became a lot more important to the class with the commitment of Matt Hoch to Iowa.

It's no longer Illinois week, but Hail to the Orange still has a pretty nice breakdown of the Illini Defensive Line...

Pretty neat opportunity for a couple of Mizzou Soccer players: seniors Meghan Pfeiffer and Crystal Wagner were invited to join the US's <23 national squad in England.

So after all of the Henry Family drama of the last couple of days, I guess this settles everything?

Finally...funny stuff from Nunes Magician...

78-0, USA? Jesus Christ, don't we have mercy rules?  It's the French, for God's sake.  They're dainty and full of pastries.  Oh, and then there's this:

America's Team racked up 610 total offensive yards against France's 7...

SWEET MOTHER!  The French team averaged 0.1 yard-per-play!  We are the worst hosts ever.