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Mizzou Links, 7-14-09

Getting a late start this morning...thank you, Mediacom Internet, for deciding to go out once again...much appreciated...

We start with a link to an outstanding Trib look at previous Mizzou players and their MLB All-Star Game experience.

"To walk into that clubhouse and be around those stars for a couple of days, it’s almost as if you didn’t even feel like you belonged," said [Phil] Bradley, who struck out in the eighth inning against Montreal reliever Jeff Reardon in his only at-bat of the NL’s 6-1 win. "But when you play for Seattle, you know you deserved it."

He did. It’s just that nobody saw it coming. Not so soon.

The former Missouri quarterback/outfielder, a third-round draft pick by Seattle in 1981, progressed steadily through the minors and hit .301 in part-time duty with the Mariners in 1984.

What he lacked was power. Before the 1985 season, he had no clear place on the Mariners’ roster and no homers in 389 big league at-bats.

Mariners officials, looking at his 6-foot, 180-pound frame, thought this would change.

"Look at that body," Seattle hitting coach Deron Johnson told the Tribune later that season. "It’s no single hitter’s."

And while we're talking baseball, here's a collection of Mizzou-related links at, and...well, an interview with Mizzou grad and celebrity softballer extraordinaire Don Draper Jon Hamm.

Alright, now to football.  PowerMizzou continues its unit-by-unit look at the North.  Now up: Linebackers and Defensive Line.

Yesterday was once again time for Case of the Mondays...

● Does Dave Steckel’s promotion alone impact the defense? Does the veteran coach’s no-BS personality create a hungrier group than last year’s experienced but inconsistent D? Will he simplify calls, coverages and blitz packages?



● What are the best position battles? Here are a few: Defensive tackles Terrell Resonno vs. Dominique Hamilton vs. George White vs. Brian Earnhardt … Left guards Austin Wuebbels vs. Jayson Palmgren vs. Travis Ruth … No. 3 linebacker: Andrew Gachkar vs. Will Ebner vs. Andrew Wilson vs. Josh Tatum vs. Jeff Gettys … Strong safety: Hardy Ricks vs. Jarrell Harrison vs. Jasper Simmons. Lots more to discuss once camp opens.

Dave Matter also found a quick quote on Stryker Sulak's wonderful release from the Raiders...

"Shocked is the best way to put it," a source told the Web site. "This is a good kid who plays football, hunts and fishes. This is very dysfunctional. I'm shocked that they didn't even call him to let him know or call his agent. ... He has just been back home working out and getting ready for camp."

If you're into such a thing, PowerMizzou's got a photo gallery up from Lorenzo Williams' camp this past weekend...

Looks like Mizzou's got a new Softball assistant...

Not directly Mizzou-related, but Dr. Saturday takes a look at Turner Gill's Buffalo Bulls, and...yeah, it's simply amazing how lucky they got last year.  I love Gill, but odds are they're in for quite a fall this year.

Finally, since we were discussing him a couple of days ago, I thought I'd link to Bad Left Hook's excellent recap of Arturo Gatti's career.  He won't be remembered as a great boxer (he was destroyed by the two great boxers he faced), but...four Fights of the Year in less than a decade?  Good god, he was fun to watch.