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Mizzou Links, 7-16-09

Once again we start with Mizzou links...

The time is now for Martin Rucker in Cleveland.

Rucker’s prime competition for the starting tight-end job with the Browns seems to be free agent Robert Royal. And while Royal might teach Rucker a thing or two about blocking in the fashion of a traditional tight end, Royal’s legacy with the Buffalo Bills was that he had hands of stone.

When he wasn’t dropping passes he should have caught, he was fumbling passes he had caught.

Also in the mix should be veteran backup Steve Heiden. So much was Cleveland’s dependence on Winslow that some may not recall Heiden was even on the team.

He, like Royal, is more of a retread than a new tire — a comparison that didn’t come from Rucker, by the way.

"I hope it’s my time," Rucker said.

PowerMizzou checks in on a couple of recruits.  3-star TX DB Damion Payne lists Mizzou in his top five, while TX ATH Tevin Thompson (wasn't he a great child/teenage R&B singer?) picks up a Mizzou offer, his first.

In case you missed it from our Twitter feed, MU Volleyball is now on Twitter!

As part of an ongoing series, PowerMizzou re-ranks the State of MO recruits of 2005.  Damn right, Chase Coffman is #1...

Head over to for a massive look at Mizzou products in the majors and minors.

 A little Mizzou golf news, as Jace Long of the Mizzou Men's Golf Team is through the first round of match play at the US Amatuer Public Links Championship, which is being contested down in Norman.  Long came through the two rounds of stroke play as the #3 seeded golfer, and defeated his opponent 2 up yesterday.  He will tee off this morning around 8:45, and the action can be followed here.

The Missourian has a neat story about a Mizzou wheelchair basketball player who recently played for a world championship.

And now for the non-Mizzou links...

  • Dave Matter unveils his look at the SEC.  I'm sorry...I hope that Ole Miss wins the West because I like Ole Miss, but I don't see it happening.  I don't think their overall talent level is much higher than it was last year, and I think 10-3 is just about their ceiling.  Yes, they lost four games by a touchdown or less--they also won two.  They were 2-4, meaning they were just a game away from .500 in those circumstances.  Anyway, I think LSU will bounce back pretty strongly, and I think both they and Alabama have more talent than the Rebels.  Here's to hoping I'm wrong.
  • You knew it was just a matter of time: the Tim Teblog.  Live it, love it.
  • Finally, how awesome is this?  "There is no such thing as a secondary receiver.  Everybody starts out as a primary receiver.  I might have five guys out there in the pattern.  How can I be sure which of those five guys I'm going to throw to when the defense has maybe twelve different coverages it can run?  The way the defense revolves is what dictats who my receiver is going to be."