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It's The Fastest 40 Minutes in Podcasting!

We're back!  For now!  The Beef and I got the urge to crank through a podcast this evening, and since there really isn't anything Mizzou-related (beyond NBA summer league and golf), let's talk about RMN's latest tourney, The Greatest Win in Mizzou Football History.  And after after some serious, factual, truly substantive (ahem) analysis of games from the 1940s, The Beef runs through The World-Famous All-Sports Report.  Soak it in, live it up.  Hope this fills your podcast cravings for July.

If there's anybody out there who can do those 1940s-1960s games more justice, let us know and we'll get you on a podcast as well.

Direct mp3 download link

And if you thought breaking out Al Green for TB was creepy, you ain't seen nothing yet.