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Texas: 2009 Projections

Texas Week has come and gone. Time to make our predictions!

First, here's Texas Week in review:

2009 BTBS Projections

Date Opponent Proj. W/L Margin Record Conf. Rec.
9/5 UL-Monroe W +42.5 1-0
9/12 at Wyoming W +33.0 2-0
9/19 Texas Tech W +19.0 3-0 1-0
9/26 UTEP W +32.8 4-0
10/10 Colorado W +29.7 5-0 2-0
10/17 vs Oklahoma W +2.2 6-0 3-0
10/24 at Missouri W +13.3 7-0 4-0
10/31 at Oklahoma State W +7.9 8-0 5-0
11/7 Central Florida W +33.7 9-0
11/14 at Baylor W +18.7 10-0 6-0
11/21 Kansas W +15.5 11-0 7-0
11/26 at Texas A&M W +14.9 12-0 8-0

Since my projections don't yet take into account my whole issue from the BTBS offensive preview--that they had too much success on Passing Downs to maintain from one year to another, clearly the numbers like UT this year. Only one game is projected within a touchdown, only two within 13 points. Missouri is apparently officially the third-hardest game on UT's schedule, which...honestly, it says a lot about their schedule. No non-conference game is projected to be closer than 32 points. The weakness of the schedule, really, means that if there's another 7-1/11-1 tie and BCS rankings come into play again between UT and OU, UT's probably screwed. Luckily for them, a) they're projected to go 12-0, not 11-1, and b) that tie-breaker has been used once in the Big 12's 13 years--odds are good it won't come into play.

What do you think? 12-0 for Texas? 11-1? More than one loss?

Starting Monday: Colorado Week!