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Mizzou Links, 7-24-09

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Lookie!  The Post-Dispatch is talking Mizzou again!  It had been a little while, but they came through with nice looks at (1) David Steckel, (2) David Yost, and (3) the changes Yost may or may not be making to the offense.

From (1)...

Consider "Stec Logic," a book he joked his wife, Mary Beth, is writing about his idiosyncrasies. If there were such a book, one chapter might be about his nickname: Stec, which comes with its own schtick.

"Stec's with no 'K,'" he notes. "There's a reason for that, too."

What's the reason?

"Don't worry about it,"

From (2)...

[H]e's a picker of nits as fussy as the particular Pinkel. He so detests the Times New Roman font, for instance, that he's been known to order graduate assistants to do over reports if they come in what he considers the lazy, default type face. "Everybody teases him about his hair," Pinkel said. "Let's analyze this for a second: First of all, he's a very, very bright guy. He's a family man, a great role model, very caring to all our players and one of the best teachers and coaches I've ever been around."

From (3)...

[S]urely to the delight of MU fans who have fumed over predecessor Dave Christensen's refusal to put the quarterbacks under center in short-yardage or short-field circumstances, Yost said the team worked this spring on going under center to create more options in various situations.

"Predominantly, we're going to be in the (shotgun), but (QB under center) gives you a different perspective … and (a chance) for more misdirection type things (in) the backfield," said Yost, who noted one of the reasons MU so seldom went under center with Chase Daniel was that he had caught snaps "a million times" and perhaps been under center 200 times in his life.

Meanwhile, the KC Star has a quite article on William Moore's recently-signed contract with the Falcons, while Jeremy Maclin knows nothing is guaranteed.

PowerMizzou's counting down the ten most valuable Tigers.  First up, the dude whose fanclub is co-run by rptgwb and me.  Okay, that's not true.  Ross has totally jumped over to the Kenji bandwagon.  You're still my boy, Carl.

Nice answer from Gabe in a PowerMizzou mailbag:

mws26 asks: RB seems like its got to be a position of need in this class. With Bourbon looking elsewhere we've got 4 offers out to uncommitted RB's. Are we simply waiting to see where our top guys go before extending more offers or do they feel good about the chances of one of these guys committing to Mizzou? Any chance Franklin could be a RB if he's not top-2 on the depth chart at QB?

Second part first and beware, I'm going to say something that is incredibly un-PC. People see an African-American quarterback and automatically deem him a "dual threat" and start talking about what other positions he can play. And, yeah, Franklin is probably a good enough athlete to play some other places. But I've seen the kid throw. He's a quarterback through and through.

Not to delve too far into the subject, but Gabe is absolutely right.  People were wondering about a potential position change for Franklin before even seeing any film on the guy.

Quickly switching to college baseball for a sec: have we seen the end of composite bats?

Okay, back to this is fun: Wiz of Odds has a Google tour of Big 12 stadiums.

Non-Mizzou Links

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