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Baylor Links!

Last year, we kind of chuckled at the thought of Baylor Week.  Wooo, an entire week dedicated to...Baylor.  We're in...Delaware.  But guess what?  In just one season Art Briles and Robert Griffin have turned the Bears into a legitimate Big 12 opponent.  I think they're still a year away from making a serious bowl run, but if they get the breaks early (i.e. at Wake Forest), they could absolutely lock down six wins this year.

2008 Review

2009 Previews

Spring Storylines

  • Football Wraps Up Spring with Scrimmage
    Sophomore quarterback Robert Griffin finished spring practice much the way he finished up his freshman campaign passing for 310 yards and three touchdowns to highlight Baylor's 130-play scrimmage Thursday afternoon at the Highers Athletic Complex practice fields.

    "All of the fans in attendance made for a great, great emotional atmosphere with a lot of energy, so we really appreciate that," said head coach Art Briles. "We weren't trying to set any records or create new opportunities for people. We are just trying to get in and get out and stay injury free with a little bit of production and I think we did that.

    "We really feel good about the direction we are going and about how we are going to get there. What we have to do is turn it into reality on the field, but that is going to happen and we are very confident of that."

    Griffin, last season's Big 12 Freshman of the Year, played roughly half of the scrimmage and added a one yard rushing touchdown to go along with his three aerial scores, while racking up 41 yards on the ground.

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