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Mizzou Links, 7-28-09

With Big 12 media days going on, we've got a boatload of Big 12 links...but first, the Missouri ones.

PowerMizzou continues its ongoing Most Valuable Tigers series with No. 6, Dan Hoch.

Missouri's highest-ranked recruit, Nick Demien of Timberland (#61 on the Rivals 100), is looking to end his recruitment soon.  Oregon and Wisconsin have a small chance, while his leaders are Missouri and Oklahoma.  Unlike others, I'm pretty confident with this one.  I'll say it's 60% Missouri, 30% Oklahoma, 5% Oregon, and 5% Wisconsin.  Now watch him pick Wisconsin.

(Meanwhile, an even bigger-time recruit, top WR Kyle Prater, has apparently eliminated Mizzou from his list of favorites.  Not at all surprising, though it would have been fun to get a visit from him.

Aaaaaand that's about it, Mizzou-wise.  To the Big 12 links!

First up, a link from (via Backing the Pack) that has, well, an interesting blurb:

Another intriguing possibility was raised in a question by Media Watch columnist Brett Friedlander. Brett noted that the Sports Business Journal has reported that there have been discussions of a joint network between the ACC and either the Big 12 or the Pac-10.

Understandably this made Swofford a bit uncomfortable, what with some of the current rights holders in the room at the time. He first took steps to address that aspect.

"Our most primary discussions are with our current rights holders, as they should be," he said.

Swofford did say that, hypothetically speaking, if those talks broke down, other options would be on the table.

Interesting concept.  If it goes beyond football, an ACC/Big 12 Network would have an interesting impact during basketball season and could lead to better exposure for Big 12 basketball (or not)...

Other links...

  • Dave Matter: Notes from Day 1 of the Big 12 media days
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: KU's Briscoe 'day to day' (how much would THIS shake up the North predictions...)

    "He's on the team and he's day to day," Mangino said. "He's got work to do and he's got to take care of it. It's up to him."

    That work is presumably academic. Briscoe, who last week was named to the media's preseason All-Big 12 team, has been the subject of rumors related to his academic eligibility since March, when Mangino suspended him and running back Jocques Crawford for undisclosed violations of team rules. Both players missed KU's spring game.

  • Dallas Morning News: Mike Heika and Chuck Carlton discuss the conference goings-on...
  • Big 12 commissioner comments on Mountain West's proposal
  • Dr. Saturday: The State of the Big 12: When will the North rise again?
  • Daily Oklahoman: What's in store for Oklahoma State this season (sort of funny, though not as funny as the writer intended)
  • Bring On the Cats: Pelini has no more issues with Snyder
  • The Quad: Managing Expectations at Nebraska
  • Lincoln Journal-Star: Matt Holt injured (potential starting LB out for the season)

For to-the-minute updates of the Big 12 media day goings-on, be sure to follow Dave Matter's Twitter page...

Oh yeah, and I...I just have no idea what to say about this.  You are just making it way too easy, Sod.

Other Links!

  • Orlando Sentinel: Economic recession is changing the face of college athletics
    The signs are there, as plain as a Penn State helmet. Athletic departments are bleeding money. Budgets are being slashed. Coaches are going on furlough. Sports are being eliminated.
  • Fighting Illini football coach Ron Zook would like to play Northwestern at Wrigley Field (sounds fun)
  • Brian from MGoBlog went to Big Ten media day...