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Mizzou Links, 7-29-09

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Yeah, just a BOATLOAD of links this morning...don't even know where to start...

Alright, I guess we start with Mizzou's media day performances, complete with video from Dave Matter and

Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon from Dave Matter on Vimeo.

Missouri NT Jaron Baston from Dave Matter on Vimeo.

More Mizzou Media Day links!

  • The Trib: Tigers greet Big 12 media
  • KC Star: Mizzou saving some trees on Media Guide

And now some non-Mizzou Media Day links:

  • Houston Chronicle: Joe Pawelek eager for real football success at Baylor
  • KC Star: Those two Big 12 national championships.  (this is great)

    Art Briles is in his second year at Baylor, so we’ll give him a pass when it comes to conference history. Nebraska fans might not be as charitable.

    "Nobody to my knowledge has won a national championship in the Big 12 besides Texas and Oklahoma right? Nebraska won in the early 90s."

    And 1997, the second year of the Big 12.

  • The Trib: Running game expected to put NU back on top

To recruiting!  Freshly minted 4-star New Madrid Co. DE Kony Ealy told a Rivals reporter Georgia Tech was at the top of his list, though apparently he told PowerMizzou he had no leaders.  Whatever, I guess. Meanwhile, Liberty (PA) QB/safety Anthony Gonzales apparently has Mizzou either in his top five or top three, depending on which PowerMizzou rumor you believe.

Oh yeah, and...NEW COMMIT!!  The day after visiting Columbia, DeQueen (AR) RB/ATH Greg White committed to Mizzou.  White's a pretty big kid (6'2, 210), so he'd represent a nice change-of-pace back if he stays at RB (which, as always, is the preference).  Don't be surprised, by the way, if he goes ahead and visits Ole Miss in the fall, however--earlier yesterday, he said this to a UM Rivals reporter...

While Missouri appears to be his leader, White said he's in no hurry to make a decision at this point.

"I'll probably decide later - maybe sometime during the season," he said.

...before committing to Mizzou that evening.

Stryker Sulak: Patriot.

Kenji Jackson: Mizzou's fifth-most valuable player for 2009.

Smart Football's Chris talks about Jim Johnson's death.  Definitely worth a read.  And when you've read that serious piece, read this...this is too fantastic for words.

Exotic Zone LB Stunt

Facing a three-wide-receiver set, the defense sets up in a nickel package with cornerbacks slightly off the line and safety Brian Dawkins deep. Linebacker Omar Gaither feints toward the line of scrimmage during the snap count, then backpedals into zone coverage, anticipating a crossing pattern to the slot receiver near the first-down marker. Tackles Darwin Walker and Mike Patterson run a twist, while left defensive end Trent Cole pushes his man toward the sideline. Nickelback Shawn Barber retreats five yards, slides into the lane created by Cole, and begins the sensuous Dance of the Seven Veils. The quarterback, stunned by the surreal balance between indomitable control and pulsating chaos evident in Barber's satiny motion, suddenly questions how civilized we really are; how man is, in his basest impulses, no more than a frenzied animal lusting for survival. As waves of sobriety and panic wash alternately across the quarterback's mind, Roderick Hood rushes off the corner and hits him in the sternum with his helmet.

Okay, here are a bunch of other great links I didn't find a place for anywhere else: