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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - It's Baylor Week!  And even though last week's roundtable proved that we're far more interested in talking about entertainment than the weaker opponents on the schedule, I have to ask at least a couple of Baylor questions.  Sorry.  First up: how many bowl games will Robert Griffin lead Baylor to before he departs for either the NFL or the Summer Olympics (dude's really fast)?

2 - Here's Baylor's schedule: how many wins do you see?

9/5 - at Wake Forest
9/19 - UConn
9/26 - Northwestern State
10/3 - Kent State
10/10 - at Oklahoma
10/17 - at Iowa State
10/24 - Oklahoma State
10/31 - Nebraska
11/7 - at Missouri
11/14 - Texas
11/21 - at Texas A&M
11/28 - vs Texas Tech (in Dallas)

3 - Okay, on to other topics: how much attention do you pay to Big 12 media days?  And are you disappointed that apparently virginity hasn't been one of the topics this week?

4 - In the comments section to last week's roundtable, it was mentioned that while truly great movies may have been in relatively short supply during the '00s, great comedies have popped up left and right.  What's been your favorite '00s movie comedy?  And while we're at it, give me your top five favorite comedies of all-time.

Michael Atchison: 1 - I want to say two, but the South is so brutal, and their North draw this year (@Mizzou, @ISU, vs. Nebraska) is tougher than most. Where do the wins come from?  I’ll say one bowl game for Hot Tub.

2 - That looks like five or six wins to me, tops. Sweep the non-con and steal one in the league, and they get to seven.  They really need to beat either Nebraska at home or Mizzou on the road to make something of their season.

3 - I pay moderate attention to the media days, inevitably catching a little on the radio and in the newspaper.  I think the lack of the virginity question shows an absence of hunger on the part of the Big 12 beat writers.  I expected them to up the ante: 1) Do you still have your virginity?; 2) If not, to whom did you lose it?; 3) Where and when?; 4) Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever made whoopee?

4 - These recent movie questions kill me.  But my favorite comedies of all-time, in no particular order: Animal House, Raising Arizona, Annie Hall, This Is Spinal Tap.  That’s four.  Apparently, only four funny movies have ever been madel

The Boy: 1 - I'm also going to conservatively say one.  I don't think they have quite enough this year, and while the offense should get much better by 2010, the defense might get significantly worse that year.  Maybe it won't matter--this is Hot Tub we're talking about here--but just so I can be happily wrong, I'll say one.  In 2011.

2 - 3-1 in non-con (they'll have a chance to beat Wake, but while so many people underestimate WF every year, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt at home), and 2-6 in conference.  They've got winnable road games at ISU and ATM (and potentially Mizzou) and a winnable neutral-fielder against Tech, and they could potentially knock off an NU or OSU at home, but clearly they're not going to win anywhere near all of those games.  So 5-7 it is.

3 - I end up paying a decent amount of attention simply because of how much it floods my google reader, but the stories are so predictable ("Coach A says his defense will be ready in 2009!"  "Coach B says he's excited about some of the new guys!"  "Quarterback A says his team's got all the pieces to make a serious run!") that I can't make myself take any of it seriously.  It's a nice diversion, though, from the fact that the season is still 5+ weeks away.

4 - Last week's movie question brought the roundtable alive!  Of course I'm going to bring it back for another go-round!  (Though unfortunately ZouDave is travelling for work this week, so if he contributes 0-1 e-mails, that will cut the overall roundtable output by about 35 e-mails.)

Anyway, let's five...

1. Some Like it Hot (seriously, this movie has aged amazingly well)
2. Animal House
3. Major League
4. The Jerk (this movie hasn't aged as well, but I worshipped this movie from about third through ninth grade)
5. ?

I'm reserving a spot for whichever movie I'm most egregiously forgetting at the moment.  And if I remember two egregious omissions, I'll bump The Jerk as well.

And yeah...the Apatow and Ferrell cliques have really produced a series of extremely rewatchable comedies this decade.  I end up watching good portions of 40-Year Old Virgin or Knocked Up or Old School or Talladega Nights or Wedding Crashers every time they're on...and in the case of those last three, one of them is on 13 times every weekend on TBS.  The '90s had decently memorable Farley/Sandler flicks, but I have the feeling I'll still be enjoying the '00s comedies 10-20 years from now, while those SNL-related '90s movies are already starting to age quite a bit.  Except Tommy Boy.  God bless Tommy Boy.

ZouDave: St. Louis?
No, Navin Johnson.

The Beef: 1 - I’ll say 1…but it wont be this season.  I think they need to recruit off of him just a little longer before they get over that hump

2 - 9/5 - at Wake Forest - loss
9/19 – Uconn  oooh…real tough.  UCONN lost a bunch of pretty high draft picks, but this is a game Baylor typically loses…I cannot pick against my home state, so loss
9/26 - Northwestern State - win
10/3 - Kent State - win
10/10 - at Oklahoma - loss
10/17 - at Iowa State - win
10/24 - Oklahoma State - loss
10/31 – Nebraska - loss
11/7 - at Missouri - loss
11/14 – Texas - loss
11/21 - at Texas A&M - win
11/28 – vs. Texas Tech (in Dallas) – loss

4 wins…UCONN is real close to making it 5…but I just don’t see #6 unless they sneak up on someone, which I suppose is entirely possible.  I just doubt their ability to win the games they should win AND sneak up on someone.

3 - none at all really.  I read through the documented ramblings of our fine coach.  We will run more…good to know.  And virginity has not been a topic of discussion for me for…um….well…awhile

4 - I hate to jump on the wagon of sorts, but color me a believer in The Hangover. Saw it twice in the theatre and just loved it both times.  I think it is going to hold up for me over time.  I was never a huge fan of the Will Ferrell movies where he is the star all to himself, but I still am a big fan of Old School and Anchorman because of the casting in support of him.  Wedding Crashers is good for me too.  That is all my brain is clicking on currently for "new" movies.  I am a huge fan of Spaceballs, Animal House, PCU, Billy Madison, eh…that’s all I can think of there too.

rptgwb: 1. I'll say two. Next year may not be a bad time to cycle onto Colorado, K-State and Kansas. In addition, outside of dates with TCU, the Bears' non-conference schedules through the rest of his tenure don't seem too brutal unless June Jones works some serious voodoo magic at SMU.

2. Six. I think they split between UConn and Wake and finish non-conference 3-1. From there, I think they open up Big 12 play by going 1-5 (beating Iowa State) before finishing on a two-game winning streak with wins over Texas A&M at Kyle Field and over Tech in Dallas to become bowl eligible.

3. I've been glancing over reports, but I'm not glued to the webcasts or anything. I have to give props to Corn Nation, which asked on Twitter, "Who is going to ask Mike Gundy about his virginity?"

4. In no particular order: The Hangover, BASEketball, Animal House, Superbad, Beerfest.

Bonus - Since I'm about to be out on the golf course with MCBoomofDoom and away from my email for the back end of the Roundtable, I figured the least I could do was contribute this:

The Boy
: Spaceballs!  That's my first egregious omission.  And maybe Life of Brian, which has held up, to me, better than Holy Grail.  And Coming to America.

And yes, yes, yes, to the hot tub pic.

Michael Atchison: Looks like Animal House is the official comedy of RMN.  Can I be Eric Stratton?

The Beef: Oh damn…all of those are good…and I agreed with your Major League and The Jerk…

Somehow…I see that happening a lot of this "list remorse" happening and creating the official Rock M Nation Top 47 Comedies of All Time

The Boy: Who's Niedermayer?

The Beef: Be honest…you own this jacket still

Michael Atchison
: Own it? I’m wearing it.

And BEEF is Niedermeyer. And Blutarsky.

rptgwb: I can only presume you're making MCBoomofDoom be Flounder...

And the Rock M Nation Top 47 Comedies? Sounds like Beef just volunteered for the next Mizzou 25.

The Beef: I really don’t see how he wouldn’t be…

UribeAuction as D-Day?

Michael Atchison: Doug is clearly Greg Marmalard.

ghtd36: Dibs on Boon.

Or Chip Diller.

ZouDave: Alright, I've got about 20 minutes of downtime so I'll try to jump in here.  I'm in Charleston, SC, right now at Charleston AFB getting their computer lab and National Testing Center prepared for the upcoming school year.  It's absolutely as awesome as it sounds.

Btw, for anyone who has spent time in Charleston, why the f*** do they not label their streets?  You're just basically supposed to guess which street is what.  And then, the ones that are labeled, will be two different names depending on which way you're going.  We're traveling down a street looking for Dorchester Rd, and my passenger is looking at the street signs (few that there are) on his side of the car and he doesn't see it.  That's because on *that* side of the road, it's not Dorchester Rd.  But on my side, it's Dorchester Rd.  Who knew?  Well, we didn't.

1 - Probably 2.  I should maybe answer the next question before I answer this one because I don't know if this is one of the years or not.  He's good, and he will (like Brad Smith for us) be responsible for winning them most of their games over the next 3 years.  But he's in an incredibly tough division (tougher than Missouri was when Smith was our QB, though KSU and Nebraska were pretty good back then).  I think he could lead them to a pair of .500 or winning seasons, though.

2 - I'm able to come up with 6 for this year.  I like them to win all of their home games except against OSU and Texas, and I think they will beat ISU and aTm on the road.  Obviously, that means I'm picking Baylor to beat Nebraska.  That, in my opinion, is the game that makes or breaks their season.  Obviously, they could surprise me and also beat Wake Forest in their opener so they wouldn't even need the Nebraska game, but I will go with my initial reaction.

3 - Normally I like to watch the sound bytes and stuff on the news, but since I left town on Sunday I've been pretty well cut off from the world.  I did see (couldn't hear) some clips while in the airport at Charlotte yesterday.  Mangino looks fatter than ever.  I thought he had lost weight?

4 - I think my favorite comedy of this decade is Superbad.  I'd have to think about it a little more and just don't have time right now (if I'm going to get to all of the other comments in my inbox).

Top 5 comedies for me, in no particular order:

Animal House

ah hell, I don't know.  Those 2 are my favorites though.

ZouDave: As long as I'm not Babs or Mandy Peppridge.  Or Kevin Bacon's character.
I think I'd be Boone.
I will agree that The Jerk is an awesome movie.  I think it has held up well, personally.  I have to add Dumb and Dumber as well as Tommy Boy to my list of comedies.  That gets me to 4.  In a multiway tie for fifth will be The Jerk, Airplane!, Superbad, Major League, Bull Durham and other movies to be named later.

Doug: Dammit... I wanted to be Hoover.

1 - I'll say 1, too.  At some point, the non-conference stars will align for them and they'll grab a couple of wins in conference to go to the Houston Bowl.

2 - I can see 5 wins, actually.  Three non-cons, Iowa State and Texas A&M, though I'd feel a lot better about those predictions if both were home games.

3 - Honestly, I haven't paid a lot of attention to them.  I went one year and it was interesting... but honestly, what the hell is anyone going to talk about that's worth a damn a month before the season starts?

4 - This decade: Appatow's put out some quality work, and I've never laughed as hard at credits as I did for the Hangover.

All-time however: Blazing Saddles, Animal House, PCU, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and... that's all I've got at the moment.

ghtd36: Oh, and I'm supposed to be answering questions about some sort of athletic competition, too!

1 - I'll say two, if only because he doesn't project particularly well to the NFL, so he's guaranteed to stay for his senior year. TOO HOT IN THE HOT TUB! BURNED MYSELF!

2 - Let's see...sure wins are against a weakened UConn squad, Northwestern State, Kent State, @ Iowa State and @ Texas A&M. Sure losses are @ OU, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech. Toss-ups become @ Wake Forest, Nebraska and @ Mizzou. As good as 8-4, as bad as 5-7, so let's go with 6-6.

3 - I essentially tune out Media Days except for two people: Mike Leach and Gary Pinkel. One is my favorite coach in the conference; the other is Gary Pinkel.

4 - My favorite comedy of the Aughts is probably "Old School", but "Step Brothers" is slowly climbing that list. Top five comedies of all time begins with, in some order, Animal House and Stripes. Sprinkle in Billy Madison and Tommy Boy, finish with Old School, and you're there.


Gotta go.  Someone find the Animal House picture of everyone giving the camera the bird, I was going to find that but I'm out of time.

See ya!

As you wish, Dave.