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Mizzou Links, 7-3-09

A reader sent this one in (and by all means, if you find something, feel free to e-mail it along): the Memphis Commercial Appeal takes a look at our own Mr. JYD.

Carroll was the lone first-round selection from the Portsmouth Invitational, where he was named the MVP after averaging 16.3 points and 10.3 rebounds in three games. Acra, his coach, said Carroll helped build chemistry among his teammates in a matter of hours.

"NBA scouts aren't necessarily looking for scorers to come out of here," Acra said. "They want guys who can fill roles and be professional. DeMarre had that ability to get all the guys together, to make them mesh."

He had arrived with a reputation as a "high-energy" player, code for guys who are athletic and raw -- and can't shoot. It was a misconception that bothered Carroll and could be traced, at least in his mind, to his nickname at Missouri: "Junkyard Dog."

"You think of somebody who just plays defense," he said. "The beauty of it is that I can put the ball in the basket and do other things."

Sticking with basketball, ESPN's (and Mizzou's own) Pat Forde takes a look at red-hot basketball rivalries for 2009-10.  I hate the UNC-Duke hype, and even I'm a bit appalled that it's listed below State-Purdue.  But hey, as long as MU-KU is back in the top ten, I'm cool.

Check this out: the perfect segway from basketball to football.  The Trib's Dave Matter recently checked in with Columbia's amateur football team, the Trojans.  The stars?  Former Mizzou safety Jason Simpson...and former Mizzou guard Jason Sutherland.  Makes sense--he played basketball like he was playing football.

Following up on their previous defensive line preview, Hail to the Orange now takes a look at the Illinois offensive line.

Now that we're to football...well, there's not a lot to report, but PowerMizzou does have an interesting piece re-ranking Rivals' State of Missouri rankings from the class of 2003.  It's nice to see MotherRucker getting his due, but #1 was pretty obvious.  Oh, if only Damien Nash (RIP) hadn't (allegedly) scared off Maroney by telling him there was only room for one star RB in these parts.

Because I'm pressed for content today, I'll shamelessly whore myself for the second time in two days.  My latest column at Football Outsiders is a takeoff of a series of posts I wrote last December--it's called The Perfect Playoff.  And now's a fun time to remember how Mizzou would have been the #1 seed in 2007.  Good times.

Finally, nothing says Fourth of July Eve to me like...cute, begging kittens.  (Via)