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Mizzou Links, 7-31-09

Not a whole lot on the Mizzou docket today, but the Big 12 links are overflowing...first, Mizzou:

'Spoon + Old Dearmond = gold.

Terrell Resonno: Most Valuable Tiger #3.

The KC Star says the pressure is on the Mizzou defense to produce this season.  Jaron Baston says, no problem!  Meanwhile, the Post-Dispatch says the new cast of characters expects to thrive, and the Star's College Corner blog says don't be surprised if Mizzou wins the North this season.  To me, they've definitely got a chance.  I'm not predicting it, but there's absolutely a chance.

And that's pretty much it for Mizzou...on to the Big 12 links!

  • Bring on the Cats: Adventures of the Big 12: The Search for Texas A&M (YES!)
  • Dr. Saturday: Deconstructing: Inside Oklahoma State's prolific balancing act (by Chris from Smart Football)
  • Dr. Saturday: Assessing Oklahoma's revamped offensive line
    But when Bob Stoops publicly called out the entire line for poor winter conditioning before spring practice, the urgency came into focus: If this group can't at least approximate the fortress of solitude the last starting five typically erected around the pocket, Sam Bradford's star -- along with the Sooners' highest ambitions -- will come crashing to Earth sooner or later.
  • The Missourian: K-State's Carson Coffman aims at six-win season
  • The Trib: Bill Snyder practices modern maturity
  • The Trib: Mike Leach speaks out for 'mainstream' playoff (I'm all for a playoff, but...damn)
  • KC Star: UT's Old Man Shipley

Finally, yes, my handle has changed.  For a number of reasons, I figured the handle I had given myself on a couple of old blogspot blogs as an inside joke with my dad (The Boy was the name by which he referred to me when he was teaching class and telling some story about his family...he bought me a shirt that just said "The Boy" to wear around town if we went to the grocery store or something and he might run into a former student) had kind of outgrown its usefulness.  Everybody knows my first name anyway, so I didn't really figure everybody would even notice...

Oh yeah, and...